Author: Aaron Meyers

Ludicrous Speed Reviews 7/12/17

Centipede #1 (Dynamite) I liked the art but it’s hard to say if this was any good yet or not. I want to read the next issue. This set things up but left me wanting. Rating: SKIM IT Calexit #1 (Black Mask) Great art, really good story setup. I want to read more right now. Rating:  BUY IT                                                                         Dread Gods #1 (IDW) Not a bad story premise at all. I didn’t love the art or the witting but it wasn’t terrible either. Rating: SKIM IT Last Song#1 (Black Mask) Good character work and good art but the story could have...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 6/14/17

Bitch Planet Triple Feature #1 (IMAGE) Not a jumping on point but a great issue for fans of the series. Rating: BUY IT Jimmy’s Bastards #1 (AFTERSHOCK) Entertaining first issue. Worth grabbing. Rating:  BUY IT                                                                         Kill the Minotaur #1 (IMAGE) A surprisingly good first issue. Don’t sleep on this. Rating: BUY IT Defenders #1 (MARVEL) It’s a fine issue. It’s just…hard to get invested in. Rating: SKIM IT The Vision [Director’s Cut] #1 (MARVEL) If you are a fan of the process of creation then you want this. Rating: SKIM IT —————————— Aaron Meyers is a full time nerd for...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 6/7/17

Darth Vader #1 (Marvel) Totally fine. If you need more Star Wars, get it. Rating: SKIM IT United States of Hysteria #1 (Image) I’m a Chaykin fan. I can’t say this is for everyone. Check it out? Rating: SKIM IT                                                                           Babyteeth #1 (Aftershock) Great first issue. Great art. I want to read more. Rating: BUY IT The Flintstones #12 (DC) What a great series. I wish we could have 1000 issues. Rating: BUY IT The Unsound #1 (BOOM) Very cool art and a compelling first issue. I want to see more of this. Rating: BUY IT ———————— Aaron Meyers...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 5/24/17

The Normals #1 (Aftershock) I really liked the twist to this first issue. Don’t miss out on it! Rating: BUY IT Saucer State #1 (IDW) I thought the first series was really great and I’m glad to have a new one. Rating: SKIM IT                                                                           Plastic #2 (Image) Brutal and crazy book that is holding up. Don’t miss out on this. Rating: BUY IT Venom #150 (Marvel) This wasn’t bad but at $6 it’s a cash grab. Not good enough to justify the cost. Rating: SKIM IT I Am Groot #1 (Marvel) This is certainly a lot of fun if...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 5/17/17

Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks #1 (Image) I love Mahfood’s art but I can’t say his story telling style is for everyone. I liked this, check it out! Rating: SKIM IT Satellite Falling #5 (IDW) It’s really good that this series got to conclude in a way. It’s too bad it suffered from a long delay and art changes, this could have been something special. Rating: SKIM IT                                                                           Luke Cage #1 (Marvel) Solid script but not terribly compelling. I hate the art, it made it seem stiff and unfeeling. Rating: SKIM IT Curse Words #5 (Image) I’ve really taken to...

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