Author: Aaron Meyers

Ludicrous Speed Reviews 3/22/17

Rebels: These Free and Independent States #1 (Dark Horse) Great art, great history, great comics. Rating: BUY IT Iron Fist #1 (Marvel) I enjoyed the art and the story setup is enough to make me want to read more. I cant say it’s a must get, but it’s a good one if you do. Rating: SKIM IT                                                                           Helena Crash #1 (IDW) Fast paced, great art, wild story. I’m totally into it. Give me more. Rating: BUY IT Underwinter #1 (Image) I love the art and the writing style I’m used to. It’s a slow burn, not for everyone. I liked...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 3/15/17

Vampirella #1 (Dynamite) Really good art and a weird and compelling first issue. I actually found myself wanting to read more. Rating: BUY IT Coady and the Creepies #1 (Boom) This is not a book I enjoyed. That being said I am not the audience for it. I think for a young adult audience this will speak to them a lot, and it will be a great read. If you are that target, get it. Rating: SKIM IT                                                                           American Gods #1 (Dark Horse) Great art and interesting writing. I really liked this first issue. Rating: BUY IT Amazing Spider-Man #25...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 3/08/17

Man-Thing #1 (Marvel) Loved the art and really liked the backup story. I don’t know what to make of this first issue. I could have been super dumb or it might turn out to be brilliant. I’m getting issue 2. Rating: SKIM IT Grass Kings #1 (Boom) Great art and a solid story hook. I want to read a lot more of this. Rating: BUY IT                                                                           Crime Destroyer #1 (Fantagraphics) Wonderful art and over the top storytelling. So many reasons to buy this. Get a copy. Rating: BUY IT Redline #1 (Oni) Solid art and a good premise but the...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 2/22/17

The Visitor: How and Why He Stayed #1 (Dark Horse) If you are a fan of Hellboy then this will be right up your alley. If not, not the best place to start. Rating: SKIM IT Heathen #1 (Vault) A very cool art style coupled with a solid first issue story. I want to read more. Rating: BUY IT                                                                           The Old Guard #1 (Image) Rucka knows how to write a comic. Cool art too. Loved it. Want more of it. Rating: BUY IT Elektra #1 (Marvel) Serviceable art, great coloring, mediocre first issue story. Underwhelming. Rating: SKIM IT Sun Bakery...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 2/15/17

Batwoman Rebirth #1 (DC) Really great art. Good recap on history and what’s to come. Certainly, compelling to read the next one if you are a Batwoman fan. Rating: SKIM IT Cerebus in Hell #1 (Ardvark) Are you a huge Cerebus fan? Great, then you bought this and loved it. You aren’t? Then this will make no sense to you. Rating: SKIM IT                                                                           The Wild Storm #1 (DC) I gotta say, maybe it’s the 90s reader in me, but I want to read more of this ASAP. A lot more. Rating: BUY IT Sex Criminals #16 (Image) It’s been a...

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