Author: John Littrel

Webcomics A-Go-Go: Ava’s Demon

So you wake up after the alien ship you were cruising in crash lands. You then proceed to vomit lava and find out that the demon who has been making life hell your entire life is actually a princess resurrected to get her revenge against someone who took her kingdom. Then you keep meeting other people with demons inside them that they’ve made pacts with.  Oh, and then you find you can open up your chest to talk to your demon. Pretty normal Sunday, right? Ava’s Demon is a single panel-per-page webcomic from Michelle Czajkowski that has been going for about 2 years and nearly 1,000 beautifully illustrated panels. I first checked in with this webcomic a little over a year ago and was impressed with it, and have become only more so as the story moves along further. Czajkowski does a wonderful job of pacing the reveals and layers to this comic, never letting anything quite settle before peeling back a little more of what the wallpaper has been hiding. Spoilers I posted in the first paragraph won’t even matter when you start reading it. It’s more about how things are revealed than what is revealed. It is not the forward movement of plot points, but the slow construction of the characters that make this so compelling. Aliens motivated by blind faith. Evil not always in the place...

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Webcomics A-Go-Go: Destructor

“Alone he fled, and came in from Outside. Upon the seething streets of Planet D he landed, in his armor and his rage. With General at his side and Wall behind, he wrote his name in blood across the worlds, worlds he would conquer, filled with foes to crush. He formed the Mob and set their star alight, the guns and gangs, machines and magic theirs, the red ambition his and his alone, until the System shuddered at his name: Destructor—the most dangerous man alive.” By Sean T. Collins and Matt Wiegle This webcomic is for the guys and gals who love the bad guys. The ruthless, unrelenting and cunning bad guys who crush civilizations until the point they have no choice but to submit and become a new cog in an ever-expanding war machine that is pointed at the next sap standing in the way of domination. Yeah, those kind of dicks. Destructor looks like a pissed off version of Sledgehammer (ya know, the WW2 equivalent of Iron Man found in the pages of Dark Horse), mixed in with the brutality and ruthlessness of Golgoth (that prick from Mark Waid’s Empire).  Throw in the action of Atomic Robo and Prison Pit, and you have the stew that is Destructor! Nothing can stop our tattooed, titular character from crushing his opposition underfoot, and he is not afraid to...

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Webcomics A-Go-Go: Haunter & Hobo Lobo

I’m back and ready to ruin lives! I don’t just mean through this website, but on a much larger scale. But before I get around to doing that, let’s give you some web comics that your momma would love! Hobo Lobo of Hamelin First up we have something quite different from most webcomics out there, and that would be Hobo Lobo of Hamelin, created by a maniacal madman with a penchant for The Kool-Aid Man and a clean sheet of filth (yeah, just try to tell me that is an oxymoron, I WILL FIGHT YOU). Scrolling from left to right, this storybook unfolds and transforms with a beautiful animated style that needs to be seen to be appreciated. Don’t even bother clicking on the preview image for this one: Just go straight to the site and take it in! Satirical, a little bit raunchy, and a never-ending bread bowl of fun … I’m not sure where I was going with this, but that first bit should be quotable in some context. Haunter Completely wordless and gorgeous with its watercolor paint style, Haunter will only take you about 10 minutes to read, but you should really spend some more time with it. Minus a couple of panels in which the action seems a little distorted and jumbled, this is a prime example of how well a story can be told through...

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Three Horrors for Halloween: Walking Dead, Session 9, and Severed

Not sure where you’re living, but where I’m at it’s going to be cold and possibly wet, so I plan on barricading myself inside for most of the weekend. Before you start in on me, it is completely sane if I am doing it to pluck out my own hair and eat the follicles. Don’t you judge me! But before setting in for this weekend adventure, I figured I would point you in the direction of some other things that can give you the shivering creeps for Halloween! Severed TPB – Image Comics Horror comics have to be very well done to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. They are unable to lean on some of the cheaper methods that movies employ like sudden pop ups (although web comics are moving this direction) or some NIN track blaring in the background to set the mood. Severed from Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft and Attila Futaki did more than just give me the heebie jeebies, it downright made me queasy from all the tension! Set in the early 1900’s during a time in America that predators could go years and years and sometimes even their lifetime without being caught, it follows one such monster as he stalks a young man who is a very gifted musician.I know what you are thinking, the man wants to do...

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Webcomics A-Go-Go: Battlepug

From The Website: “Battlepug: The Web Comic was born out of desperate scramble to appease iFanboy. They contacted Mike to create a signature t-shirt for a new line of merch. However, Mike had been working exclusively with DC Comics for 4 years and had no original properties that he could reveal to the world yet. He drew the image you see above and had Allen color it. And lo, a BATTLEPUG was born!” Mike Norton has impressed the crap out of me on some of his previous projects like Runaways and Queen & County (which as a side note, I would recommend Runaways to anyone, and Q&C to fans of espionage), so when I heard he was doing a web comic, I was on board. Thing is, I had heard about Battlepug before I had heard Mike was doing a web comic . . . and was not thrilled with the thought of a cheesy concept like that. I am ready to eat my words, because the comic is fantastic! In the comic you will find a spunky, sexy, and adorable teller of tales who is reciting the story of Battlepug to a couple pups in her bed chamber (yes, and it is sexy for her, cute because of her and the pups). And yes, that is a wonderfully well endowed (muscles, you perverts) barbarian riding the mighty bug-eyed...

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