Author: Kacie Baum

Girl Meets Nerd: Macauley Culkin’s Hair

Now, this is a story all about how My life got flipped-turned upside down And I’d like to take a minute Just sit right there I’ll tell you how I French braided Macaulay Culkins hair…. As some of you may know, Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York are two of my favorite holiday movies. Side: In the first Home Alone, young Fuller drinks too much Pepsi, in the second one he is slam dunking some Coke. I noticed this for the first time last night, and I don’t know how I feel about that product placement trade. It makes me feel like my childhood was a lie. End side. In fact, I could probably re-enact both movies as a one woman show. So when the opportunity arose to meet Kevin McCallister himself over Thanksgiving, I couldn’t let it pass. Now I’m not one to get star struck or freak out. The exception to this rule would be Dave Grohl, but that’s a story of a restraining order on me for a different time. A friend of ours happened to be playing a show over the Thanksgiving weekend. The opening band playing with our friend happened to include Kevin McCallister (yes, I know his real name is not K-McC, SIMMER DOWN NOW!). Being the VIP that I am (lolz for dayz), I got to hang out...

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Girl Meets Nerd: Fantasy Football 2014

For the second year in a row, I’m participating in my husband’s Fantasy Football league (I got second place last year, thank you very much) that he put together, featuring a rag-tag group of nerds. Though these nerds kind of understand football and know the players. If I’m the Jenny of this league, my husband is the Kevin and well, Two-Headed Nerd Comicast co-host Joe Patrick is straight up Taco (based solely on his picks and knowledge of the sport, not Tacos, ahem, extra-curricular activities). On Monday night we had our draft, which is one of my most favorite nights of the year. I actually do homework and have a list. I’m always prepared — until I get the draft order and am %#[email protected] six out of ten to draft … then it all goes to shit. I admit I %#[email protected] panicked, but all things considered (aka some nerd plucking Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson), I still managed to put together a solid-ass team. Side: Once I discovered the chat function on the fantasy football draft page and could join the nerd shit-talking, I soon realized that half the jokes being made in this draft were comic book jokes. I felt I was the dirtiest of the lot, because I would joke about dick — and not in the Dick Grayson kind of way. End side. Anyhow,...

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Girl Meets Nerd: Jurassic Park

Sunday was my day to go on my trail of tears hike with the lovely Enrique, but someone got turnt up at a wedding on Saturday night and cancelled plans with me. I would’ve asked my husband to go, but someone (hint, HIM) doesn’t like physical activity (You missed the bitching on the seven-minute walk up to Dundee Day on Saturday. You’d think we had run a half %$#@ing marathon.) and had to sit around editing his podcast. This — editing for three hours — apparently causes a muscle cramp in the wrist. When I came home he made me pull his arm. This is NOT the same as pull my finger, thankfully. Anyhow, I decided to tackle a trail of tears of my own. It started out like any other hike, music blaring, trolling down the trails, one or two slight trips over fallen walnuts or holes that I didn’t see (I’m super graceful, obviously). A few weeks ago a creepy mustache man appeared from the woods and warned Enrique and me that if we head toward the river, it was flooded and overgrown. We naturally thought he wanted to kill us. Flash forward and who suddenly appears, wearing the exact same clothes as a few weeks up, but the same creepy guy. He said something to me, but I just smiled, said hi and kept walking. A...

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Girl Meets Nerd: WWE SummerSlam!

After spending all day Saturday working (10 hours in the sun, thank you very much), tonight (Sunday) I just wanted to go to yoga and relax at home and have a cuddle party with the pugs. Because that is how you win a Sunday. But noooooooooooooooo. The WWE’s Summer Slam called (technically my husband called and yelled that I needed to write a blog for this website and that this needs to be the topic, whatever) so here I am, ruining my chi by watching Summer Slam. Below are my real time notes on this historic (hahaha bitch, please) event: Hulk Hogan sure has been showing up on the WWE a lot lately. . Methinks he is plotting to return for a one off, most likely available for $9.99… You guys, Summer Slam is a night “where dreams are made.” Bwahahahaha shut up. Not sure what a Summer Slam is, besides a match held in the summer. I assume someone wins a title. That title? Not sure. Summer Slammer of 2014? There are over 17,000 fans at this match. I repeat 17,000! First up is The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler. A reminder to all of you, The Miz used to on “The Real World: Back to New York,” so there’s that. The Miz claims to be “Mr. Hollywood” and refers to his face as the moneymaker. UGH. Fun fact,...

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Girl Meets Nerd: Seconds

A week or two ago, my husband threw down a hardcover book in front of me and demanded that I read it. He never does this, so my interest was naturally piqued. I love to read, but let’s not lie: If it’s not about some teenagers falling in love while fighting to the death in a dystopian, fractioned society while having cancer then I’m probably not interested (if you can name the three books I just references, mad props to you, literary nerd). I gazed at the book and soon realized it was a comic — or graphic novel, I suppose … since comics are in paper and graphic novels are in hard covers, maybe? Who knows. I don’t understand the difference at all. Not the point. The point is, in front of me lay the new graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley called “Seconds.” My husband just finished reading it and said it was “super cute” (EXACT WORDS) and that I would love it. Debatable. I picked it up and thought, what the hell. I knew I had a good hour to read as my husband was making pasta for dinner, and god forbid that be an empty-the-jar-open-the-box kind of meal, but a two-hour-long process for whatever reason is holy. But I digress. I began to read. First off, graphic novels are pretty much adult picture books. There....

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