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Small Man, Big Mouth: Nightcrawler’s Return

AMAZING X-MEN SPOILERS AHEAD! Meet the new fuzzy elf, same as the old fuzzy elf. A few months ago on the show, Joe and I reviewed Amazing X-Men #1 written by Jason Aaron with art by Ed McGuinness. This was Aaron’s new X-project after putting a bow on his Wolverine and the X-Men run and the vehicle to bring Nightcrawler back from the dead. Great news for fans of the fuzzy-blue-elf, right? As a lifelong Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) fan, I can say I was excited as anyone for his return and a little bummed with the way he died in part 5 of the X-Men: Second Coming storyline. I’m not going to relive the whole thing here, but a character named Bastion killed Kurt while he was saving Hope (a character whom no cares about anymore). So, why after reading the first 4 issues of Amazing X-Men am I feeling so empty? I loved Aaron’s run on Wolvie and the X-Men, I love McGuinness’ pencils and I love Nightcrawler. Trifecta! Right? Apparently not. Here’s what we got: Nightcrawler is dead, in heaven, and it’s a boring place. That is until his father Azazel (an evil red version of Nightcrawler that may or may not be a/the devil) shows up with a pirate ship to steal souls from heaven. So Nightcrawler enlists the help of the Bamfs (little cartoon versions...

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Small Man, Big Mouth: Bad Karma Interview with Jeremy Haun

This week I sat down for an interview with artist/inker/writer and all-around-nice-guy Jeremy Haun. Currently Haun is penciling The Darkness for Image/Top Cow but that just isn’t enough to keep him busy it seems. Haun and several collaborators, including writer/artist Phil Hester and writer B. Clay Moore have formed a writing team (I like to call it a gang) and launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign for their new anthology graphic novel Bad Karma. Bad Karma is a 200-page anthology with several stories that are loosely connected but also stand alone. Below you’ll find the complete un-edited (I think there was one naughty word) interview. To listen to the interview, click HERE —-> THN Interview with Jeremy Haun ————————– Matt Baum is the co-host and producer of the Two-Headed Nerd Comicast. He is short and has a big...

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Small Man, Big Mouth: Welcome to the DCU, Wildstorm…Hope you survive the experience

I’ve read comics as long as I can remember and during that time have only ever written to one. And, to my older self’s chagrin, it was printed. Printed in the pages of WildC.A.T.S. #14. I grew up loving Spider-Man, the X-Men, Captain America, and Batman, but the only comic I ever wrote to as a youngster was WildC.A.T.S. Why? Because I loved Wildstorm comics. The early 90’s were an amazing time for comic artists. Rob Liefeld, Marc Sylvestri, and Jim Lee we’re all X-artists whose titles were shipping millions of issues a month and they were literally the kings of the comic world. And then, all at the same time, they left Marvel. Two of the artists that had drawn the most amazing X-comics I had ever read, and, I admit it, I loved Liefeld’s New Mutants too, suddenly packed up and left Marvel for the newly formed artist collective, Image Comics. I call it an artist collective because there was a serious shortage of writers at the time. Revisit any of the first Image offerings, WildCATS, Youngblood, Cyberforce etc and you’ll see what I mean. I was a fan of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn and Silvesri’s Cyberforce but it was Jim Lee’s WildCATS and later his Wildstorm imprint that really pulled me in. Keep in mind this was well before Warren Ellis, Alan Moore, or even Joe Casey...

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Small Man, Big Mouth: DC’s New 52

It’s been about year since DC relaunched it’s entire superhero line. If you’re reading this, chances are you listen to the show that I co-host with one of my closet friends and the only other person that’s read DC comics for maybe a little longer than I have. OK, to be fair, Joe (the aforementioned co-host) has probably read more and loves DC comics more than I do and, like me, has said a lot of positive things about the DC relaunch on our show. When all the Internet trolls were screaming about their continuity being trampled, and my angry-hater friend Joel was saying “F this relaunch business,” I put on my rose-colored glasses and went as far as to award DC “Best Publisher” as part of our 1st Golden Beppo award show last year (our yearly comic-themed best-of show) for having the stones to relaunch their universe. Well here we are, one year later, and I find myself…angry. It finally hit me. Like a slow moving tsunami. I sat in my office (the place I read comics and record my podcast and sometimes smoke weed and listen to death metal) and read two of the latest DC zero issues and just got mad. Batman #0 and Batgril #0 specifically. And to be clear, it wasn’t the story in Batman #0. Scott Snyder is doing an amazing job on...

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