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Monday Morning Quarterback – Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Monday Morning Quarterback: A Review of Teen Titans: The Judas Contract By Ryan “HB” Mount Last season, the Chicago Cubs ended the season as the MLB Champions. It can always be exciting to win something large in sports, but this was special. The Chicago Cubs had not won a championship since 1908. They also trailed 3-1 in a best of seven series, and came back to capture the title. And if that wasn’t historic enough, there was a rain delay that stopped play in the last and final innings while the Cubs seemed to be on the ropes. This...

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Between the Balloons: THE FLOP HOUSE

Welcome to a new installment of Between the Balloons! Chances are, if you read this column, you listen to podcasts.  If you listen a podcast about comic books, you are into other pop culture podcasts.  My guests this week were the three people behind The Flop House, a bad movie podcast that is going on its 10th year and currently part of the Maximum Fun network.  They all stay busy outside of podcasting.  Dan McCoy is a writer, most known for his work on The Daily Show.  Elliott Kalan is a current writer on the upcoming relaunch of Mystery...

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Comics Under Trump

Bill Simmons once said this on his podcast: “I think having the conversations are really important and it doesn’t have to mean I lean on one side or the other… I don’t think people should be afraid to have the conversations.” Newsrama recently released an article concerning the effects the current US President, Donald Trump, could have on the comics market. The comics market also has sub markets based on speculation, and we’re going to speculate a bit in this piece.  None of what is said below is to be taken as fact or guaranteed to happen.  However, to return to Bill...

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Between the Balloons: Lilah Sturges

Lilah Sturges is an accomplished comic writer with titles such as Jack of Fables, House of Mystery, and Public Relations.  Recently she took to Facebook to announce to the world that she was a trans-woman.  (You can find the whole post here:  Shortly after the announcement, Lilah was nice enough to spend some time with THN to talk about her story, feminism in comics, and her thoughts on writing a trans character in comics in the future. Ryan Mount for Two-Headed Nerd: Congrats to you on your new lease on life.  I cannot truthfully fathom everything that is...

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Between the Balloons: Zack Kaplan, Writer of Eclipse

Zack Kaplan is a television and screen writer who grew up on comics.  He now is writing the hit series Eclipse over at Image Comics.  We sat down and talked about where Zack came from and his ongoing series at Image. Ryan Mount for Two-Headed Nerd: You are a television and screenwriter, but somehow escape a huge imprint in the internet, so in getting to know you, how long you have you been a writer? Zack Kaplan: Well, many may not know this, but there’s a world of Film/TV writers who collaborate with well known producers on a spec...

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