Author: Ryan Mount

Between the Balloons: Mark Russell

Mark Russell is the recent writer of the critically acclaimed Prez series in 2015 and the current writer of the social commentary take on The Flintstones.  We got a chance to talk with the actual president election a week away, but also on the eve of DC’s Election Special which sees a return of Prez. Ryan Mount for Two-Headed Nerd: The Prez “Finale” is scheduled to be published this Wednesday as a 12-page story in Catwoman: Election Special #1.  Do you believe this will be a true series send off or tie up some loose ends left after issue...

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Between the Balloons: Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs

When I reached out to Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs it was to talk about their upcoming work on John Carpenter’s Tales for Halloween Night, Volume Two.  When it was all said and done we tackled everything from horror genre staples to the massive amount of work each of them have out now and coming soon.  Amanda is a TV and comic book writer, as well as an actress.  Some of her most recent work includes an issue of Wonder Woman ’77 and a low budget horror comedy, Helltown.   Cat is an illustrator who has worked for DC, IDW,...

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THN Road Trip: Big City Suburbs — Chicago

THN ROAD TRIP: Big City Suburbs — Chicago! Trip Dates: August 1st – August 5th 2016 Destination: The Suburbs of Chicago Welcome Back, Listenerds!  While most people are out traveling on vacation, I was being on a business trip to outside Chicago, IL.  If I had to be there for work, I was also going to have a little fun and check out the local comics shops. First Stop: Keith’s Komix Inc. / Quake Collectibles West (Schaumburg, IL) I was spending most the week in Schaumburg, IL which is just about 15 minutes outside of Chicago.  After a full...

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Between the Balloons: Comics and Wrestling with Aubrey Sitterson

Welcome to the conclusion to my interview with Aubrey Sitterson.  When Aubrey is not busy writing comics, he also hosts a weekly podcast called Straight Shoot and if you are a fan of wrestling, stop reading this article, go download the newest episode and then come back! RM: Favorite wrestling comic of all time? AS: It’s actually a really recent one: Ed Luce’s Wuvable Oaf Battle Zone! It ran weekly on and it’s absolutely incredible. What sets it above pretty much every other wrestling comic that I’ve read is that it does exactly what I was talking about...

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Between the Balloons: Fantasy Comics, RPGs, and SKALD with Aubrey Sitterson

Here is Part Two of my interview with Aubrey Sitterson, where we mainly discuss his ongoing serialized podcast SKALD.  We also got into some fantasy genre talk, Conan the Barbarian, and who is sitting at his celebrity RPG game night… RM: You are currently writing comics and hosting two different podcasts.  Does the multi-tasking of projects keep you focused?  If not, why give yourself such a heavy workload? AS: In short, because I love all the stuff that I’m doing and each of these projects scratches a very different itch. SKALD, as a spoken word podcast serial, is a...

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