Author: Ryan Mount

Between the Balloons: Comics and Wrestling with Aubrey Sitterson

Welcome to the conclusion to my interview with Aubrey Sitterson.  When Aubrey is not busy writing comics, he also hosts a weekly podcast called Straight Shoot and if you are a fan of wrestling, stop reading this article, go download the newest episode and then come back! RM: Favorite wrestling comic of all time? AS: It’s actually a really recent one: Ed Luce’s Wuvable Oaf Battle Zone! It ran weekly on and it’s absolutely incredible. What sets it above pretty much every other wrestling comic that I’ve read is that it does exactly what I was talking about...

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Between the Balloons: Fantasy Comics, RPGs, and SKALD with Aubrey Sitterson

Here is Part Two of my interview with Aubrey Sitterson, where we mainly discuss his ongoing serialized podcast SKALD.  We also got into some fantasy genre talk, Conan the Barbarian, and who is sitting at his celebrity RPG game night… RM: You are currently writing comics and hosting two different podcasts.  Does the multi-tasking of projects keep you focused?  If not, why give yourself such a heavy workload? AS: In short, because I love all the stuff that I’m doing and each of these projects scratches a very different itch. SKALD, as a spoken word podcast serial, is a...

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Between the Balloons: Fighting Comics and GI Joe with Aubrey Sitterson

Welcome Listenerds!  This installment of Between the Balloons, I had the wonderful pleasure of talking with Aubrey Sitterson.  Aubrey is a current writer at IDW and hosts two incredible podcasts.  We talked about so much is that we will be bringing you the entire interview over three articles.  This installment we discuss his everything from how he came to work at IDW, licensed comics, and his upcoming run on GI Joe. Ryan Mount (Two-Headed Nerd): You were first an editor at Marvel and then Image, how did you end up writing for IDW? Aubrey Sitterson: I’ve written comics –...

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Between the Balloons: Bengal

If you have been to a comic shop in the past year, chances are you managed to pick up one of Bengal’s covers.  He has been working for both Marvel and DC and he took a little bit of time to let us know about his quick rise to the cream of the crop and all his many projects. Ryan Mount for Two Headed Nerd: As an artist working internationally, how has the discovery and collaboration process been? Bengal: Living in France, I would say it made it less easy (or at least, I assume). Without the opportunity to...

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Between the Balloons: Jim Zub

Jim Zubkavich has been receiving a lot of attention lately due to him being on the new creative team to revive Marvel’s Thunderbolts hitting shelves in May 2016. Jim is one of the busiest men in comics and is the premiere writer for fantasy comics including Skullkickers, Pathfinder, and Dungeons & Dragons. We got the time to chat about Role Playing Games, Fantasy Comics, and of course The Thunderbolts. Ryan Mount (for Two-Headed Nerd): One of the most fascinating things I have noticed about your works is that you are really given room to tell your stories over a long period. Skullkickers ran for six volumes, Wayward just finished volume three, and your run on Samurai Jack was 20 issues. Are you more comfortable with that that type of breathing room to tell a story? Jim Zub: I don’t know that I have a particular preference. Skullkickers’ long run was a way for me to establish myself early on as a creator with regular output so I had extra motivation to keep it rolling above and beyond the fact that it was such a joy to work on. I’m hopeful that Wayward has a long and healthy run as well because we have a lot to explore there. It’s definitely nice to have room to build something long term, but I’ve had a lot of fun doing mini-series like...

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