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The THN Love Slaves are back and we have decided it would be best to end the year with a ‘Best Of’ list for the good kids who follow the THN site. We spent five frantic minutes discussing what topics would be covered in our year-end article, and we’ve decided on five categories: Best Ongoing Series, Best Graphic Novel, Best Writer, Best Artist, and Best Find. Your Love Slaves are TonyDoug Wright (aka The TD Dubs), Aaron Meyers (King of  ‘Ask A Nerd’), and Keith Silva (aka The honorary Jew). Let’s get to business and state our cases. 1. BEST ONGOING SERIES TonyDoug Wright: As much as I’ve loved Mark Waid’s run on Daredevil, I’m going to take a different route and go into the world of webcomics. I’m a webcomics creator, so I’m gonna be loyal to my homies. Supermassive Black Hole A* is still one of the best webcomics out there, and creator Ben Chamberlain has developed a very cool sci-fi tale that features some beautiful black and white panels. Perhaps Joe and Matt could review some webcomics in 2013. *Hint* Aaron Meyers: This is SO hard to make a choice of, there are a ton of incredible comics out this year. Having to choose I make my pick Manhattan Projects by Nick Pitarra and Jonathan Hickman & Jordie Bellaire. Of all the books this year that...

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Slave Revolt: Over and Under

Welcome to the first edition of SLAVE REVOLT at The Two Headed Nerd (THN). The love slaves at this outfit have decided to band together and take control. Fear us, Matt Baum! Beg for mercy, Joe Patrick! It’s time to thank the slaves for their hard work. Click here for some slave appreciation. Who are the love slaves at The THN in charge of Slave Revolt? First, we have the amazingly talented and incredibly good looking TonyDoug Wright who is the author of Gems in the Bin. Next is the teenage heartthrob, Aaron Meyers, known in these parts as The King of the Ask A Nerd segment and the author of the Ludicrous Speed Reviews. Rounding out the trio is the THN bad-boy, Keith Silva. Every other week, the love slaves at The Two Headed Nerd will discuss an issue regarding the world comics or something else nerd related. Our first question to be discussed is as follows: Who is the most over-exposed character and who is the most under-exposed character in the world of comics? Let’s start with the over-exposed character. Take it away, slaves! TONY DOUG WRIGHT:  My choice is Wolverine. I know this is an obvious selection, but I’m waiting for Marvel to announce that he’ll be joining The Fantastic Four, will serve as the new Captain America, and will be the new Daredevil following the...

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