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Tales Of The T-D-Dubs: Friday Night Dice

Author’s Note: To fully appreciate  this story you must understand all of the important details and key players. People’s names and the locations in this story have been changed to protect the innocent. Also, I’m relying upon my memory of events from nearly 20 years ago, so God help us all. Enjoy. This is another T-D-Dubs tale that features the beloved Sluggo, Cornelius Van Brocklin, and Sebastian Daniels. In order to gain a better understanding of these characters, I urge you to read the following articles: Sluggo Killed The Atari Jaguar, Where The F—- Is The Nintendo 64, and Laser Tag. Sluggo, Cornelius Van Brocklin, and Sebastian Daniels introduced me to the world of role playing games. Before I met those guys, I was familiar with role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, but in my Ohio hometown, I did not know a single person who played role playing games. My education consisted of 12 years of Catholic schooling, and there was this religious youth advisor who always loved to tell some cockamamie tale of a boy who played Dungeons & Dragons to the point where he could not tell the difference between reality and fantasy. The religious youth advisor would end the story by telling us the kid killed his parents because he thought they were trolls. Dungeons & Dragons was more than likely not the culprit, but perhaps this sounds like a case...

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Tales of the T-D-Dubs: A Very T-D-Dubs Christmas

I have neglected my THN family, so I will take this time to offer my sincerest apologies. I have decided to make things right by posting a Christmas themed Tales of the T-D-Dubs story. I’m sorry, but this story does not feature Sluggo, Cornelius, or Sebastian. Don’t worry, I’m working on another T-D-Dubs story with Sluggo, Cornelius, and Sebastian. Who’s a jerk now, Matt and Joe?! This story is about Christmas and my Grandma Gus who made it extra special. My Grandma Gus passed away five years ago, and I miss her very much. Her Christmas legend will never be forgotten, so I am sharing with you some very interesting gift-giving tales involving my Grandma Gus. For the first twelve years of my life, Grandma Gus did a great job when it came to buying me Christmas gifts, but something changed when I turned thirteen. It was like my grandma went to Crazy Land and never returned. She did very well with the rest of my family except me. I have no idea what I did to become the recipient of some truly bizarre gifts. It was 1986 and I was twelve years old. I was playing basketball for my Catholic school and things were going well. My mom informed me that grandma wanted to make me a warm-up outfit for basketball. When you are twelve, you do not...

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Tales Of The T-D-Dubs: Mat Mania Days

Author’s Note: People’s names and the locations in this story have been changed to protect the innocent. Also, I’m relying upon my memory of events from nearly 25 years ago, so God help us all. Enjoy. I miss the days of hanging out at video game arcades because there was a certain joy I experienced walking into an arcade and hearing all of those electronic beeps coming from the games. A certain rush hit your body as you dropped a quarter or a token into an arcade game. The game started, and you were in your own little world. Those were the days. A majority of my pre-teen and teenage years were spent in arcades, and one of my favorite spots was the arcade at the Birchland Swim Club, which was twenty miles from my hometown of New Ravenwood, Ohio. Birchland was a nice place to spend your summer as a family because they had two giant swimming pools, three diving boards, a water slide, tennis courts, volleyball courts, mini-golf, frisbee golf, basketball courts, and a giant playground. I didn’t need all of that stuff due to the fact that all I cared about at the time, circa 1982 or 1983, was video games. The arcade at Birchland was a wooden red barn with a concrete floor that had about thirteen or fourteen arcade games, two pinball machines, a...

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Old School Archives: Warduke from Dungeons & Dragons

I’ve never played Dungeons & Dragons or Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. My roommates in college played the game, but they were advanced players and not interested in having some newbie like me join their campaigns. However, they were totally fine with me joining some other RPGs (role playing games) like Star Wars, Vampire, and Robotech. I really wanted to play D&D or AD&D because I wanted to go up against the Warduke. It might have been Christmas 1983 when I received the Warduke action figure, which was one of the ‘evil’ characters from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons toy line from LJN. I have no recollection of who the gift was from, but it was a totally awesome action figure. I wasn’t doing the RPG thing at the time but I watching the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon which was pretty cool. The action figure was – and still is – incredibly cool. The helmet is awesome and I love that you can not see the face but a couple of red glowing eyes. Another impressive detail in my opinion is that the guy wears one half of a chainmail type of armor while the other part of his body is totally exposed. The Warduke action figure came equipped with a sword and a shield. Warduke was used to battle action figures from my Star Wars, G.I. Joe, and Masters...

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Old School Archives: Condor from M.A.S.K.

The Old School Archives is a new series at The Two Headed Nerd site where I write about great vintage toys, so be prepared to take a stroll down memory lane. As a member of Generation X, I have fond memories of playing with my toys, and over the past five years I have cleaned up some old Star Wars, Masters of The Universe, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Transformers, and G.I. Joe toys which were given to my children. Last month, my daughter placed a Stormtrooper in the driver seat of a G.I. Joe APC and all was well in the universe. While that is wonderful, I am having a hard time accepting the fact that the toys of my youth are now labeled as “vintage.” I’m starting off The Old School Archives with Condor from M.A.S.K.. I owned this toy as a kid and last year my sister purchased it sans the action figure at a garage sale for my son as a bath time toy. At first I didn’t recognize the toy, but my son started moving some parts around and the motorcycle turned into a helicopter. I had a M.A.S.K. flashback. Do you remember M.A.S.K.? M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) was developed by Kenner in 1985 and it definitely appealed to me because it seemed to be a great mix of G.I. Joe and Transformers. The G.I. Joe fan in me...

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