Two-Headed Nerd 186: Fee Fee Stapes

by The Two-Headed Nerd on November 16, 2014

Podcast: Download Welcome to Episode 186 of the Two-Headed Nerd Comic Book Podcast! This week, we discuss CM Punk’s foray into comic book writing, first week details of DC’s Convergence, and the latest…distressing news about the Fantastic Four film reboot. Plus, we help a poor slacker named Ian keep the 90s alive in our Comics […]


nerdTV: Black Sails Season 1 Review

March 28, 2014

blacksailss12With Spartacus behind them, Starz needed a new show, preferably a fantasy type, for the winter season. Enter Black Sails, eschewing sword and sandals for swords and sails. The show carves its outline from the book Treasure Island, serving as a prequel. After debuting to colossal fan and … Read More

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nerdTV: Black Sails

January 29, 2014

blacksails1When Spartacus ended on Starz last year, I was sad thinking that I wouldn’t have a strong period piece/epic to kick of my new year, especially considering the somber note it ended on. Fast forward to New York City Comic-Con ’13 (NYCC) when I first discovered Black Sails. Somehow missing … Read More

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nerdTV: Grampa Dave

February 13, 2013

Nerd TV Presents:  Arrow the Watchening or Grampa Dave is in his Rocking Chair Again

Hello?  Who’s there?  Oh, it’s you!  I didn’t notice you for a minute there, just lost in my rememberins.  I do tend to wander off into my own little world in this here rockin’ chair. … Read More

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nerdTV: A Fatal Case of the Watchening

February 7, 2013

Hello fellow NerdTV nerds!  If you’re like me, you were in the hospital over the last week with a nigh fatal case of Arrow: The Watchening.  It’s true.  Apparently, small particles of Arrow can build up in the blood stream and can cause dry mouth, restless leg syndrome, purple diarrhea … Read More

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nerdTV: The Returnening of the Watchening

January 22, 2013

NerdTV Presents: Arrow The Watchening

The holidays are over and we begin last week’s episode with a bang, nay, a fwoosh, as a fireman inside a burning building is doused with a flammable chemical by a mysterious killer dressed like a fireman.  As far as scenes go, it’s pretty gruesome…almost … Read More

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nerdTV: The Watchening Returns

November 17, 2012

NerdTV Presents: Arrow The Watchening

Sorry about my absence last week everyone, I was sick.  Did Arrow make me sick?  Who knows?  Maybe?  Yes.  Yes it did.  But, I really wanted to write a rundown for you guys, so, here are my ‘notes’ from the previous episode that I missed. … Read More

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nerdTV: Can’t Stop the Watchening

November 2, 2012

Guys (and presumably some ladies) I’m going to be honest…I have absolutely no idea how to tackle the most recent episode of Arrow.  On its face, it seems pretty straightforward, almost like a forgotten episode of Boston Legal or The Practice.  The premise: A man, Peter Declan, sits on death … Read More

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nerdTV: Uncomfortable Mystery

October 25, 2012

Arrow: The Watchening

Tonight’s episode of Arrow, according to my DVR, was titled ‘Lone Gunmen’.  This confused me, as there were no ‘gunmen’ plural, but rather one gunman, singular.  Where is my second gunman CW?  I paid good money for this show and I demand!…hold on…my wife is telling me … Read More

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nerdTV: The Watchening Continues

October 18, 2012

Tonight on Starling City News at 11.  The cloud of fear gripping the populace remains as the  ‘Arrow Killer’ carves a bloody swath through the wealthy members of the city.   What is his motivation to hunt these respected members of society: Business leaders, bankers, shipping magnates?  No one is safe.  … Read More

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nerdTV — Arrow: The Watchening

October 12, 2012

Because I am the Fairest Man Alive, I agreed to watch and review the newest CW show: Arrow, based on the DC Comics property: Green Arrow.  After watching the pilot, I no longer felt like the fairest man alive, but rather, the dumbest for tying myself to this show for … Read More

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