Welcome to the first Two-Headed Nerd Mini-(Epi)sode! (THN Episode 274a if you’re nasty.)

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nerdTV: Saturated with Superheroes

March 10, 2015

nerdTVArrow is back! I’m very excited. I’ve been missing my weekly dose of absolute stupidity. This show is Ridiculous. Capital ‘R’.

We last saw Oliver dead at the hands of our svelte, Tv-verse, Liam Neeson-Lite Ra’s al Ghul. To the surprise of precisely nobody, he’s back in one piece, thanks … Read More

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NerdTV on Person of Interest: ‘Mildly embarrassed defensiveness, bordering on hostility’

February 13, 2015

Person of InterestPerson of Interest has now strayed so far from it’s original episodic procedural formula that it’s nigh-on unrecognisable, and I couldn’t be happier about it – this show is filmic in ways other’s aren’t even coming close to. I’m not sure how much input the Nolan brothers have at this … Read More

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nerdTV: What would it look like if the CW re-made Battlestar Galactica?

January 26, 2015

DresdenIf that’s something you’ve ever found yourself wondering, you’ve now got your answer in The 100 (Season 1, Episode 1).

This show screams CW, from the premise, its casting, through to the money you can see on the screen. It’s clearly cheap sci-fi, and doesn’t have an iota of the … Read More

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nerdTV: Agent Carter – ‘Lady things’

January 13, 2015

Agent_CarterIt pains me in ways I can not even begin to describe, but I must start this weeks missive with the issuing of my own heartfelt apologies. Thanks to some fat-head at central dispatch, my preview reels didn’t make it to the parcel post in time, and this correspondent was … Read More

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nerdTV: ‘The Global Frequency is real’

January 10, 2015

Miranda_ZeroWell, at least for one episode. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be looking at some recent (and not-so-recent) series’ pilots – some successful, some less so.

Kicking off with the 2005 Warner Brother’s Global Frequency pilot. This is a timely revisit, with Jerry Bruckheimer revealing his intent … Read More

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NerdTV: ‘Being good means nothing, unless you’re willing to do what needs to be done…’

January 4, 2015

TheStrainWith the current crop of comic based shows on winter hiatus, I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on Guillermo del Toro’s vampires-meet-contagion series The Strain. Del Toro brings plenty of NerdTV cred to the table, having worked closely with Mike Mignola on two filmed Hellboy adaptions, helming the … Read More

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nerdTV: ‘I know I’m a terrible disappointment, but I’m here now…’

December 23, 2014

QuakeThat’s Dr Zabo, aka Mr Hyde (well played by Kyle MacLachlan) talking to his daughter Daisy (the erstwhile Skye) about their relationship in the latest Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (Season 2, Episode 10). Though you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the show itself, speaking directly to us, the viewing … Read More

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nerdTV: “We Used to Have a Tight Horn Section Back in the Day”

December 11, 2014

Flash Arrow[EDITOR’S NOTE — Give a warm, THN welcome to the latest Love Slave, Jim Stafford, as he takes over the long lost nerdTV feature! BEWARE: There be SPOILERS ahead!]

The ‘everything’s fine, oh, no, wait, everything’s horrible’ rinse-and-repeat cycle continues on The Walking Dead (Season 5, Episode 8), as we … Read More

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nerdTV: Black Sails Season 1 Review

March 28, 2014

blacksailss12With Spartacus behind them, Starz needed a new show, preferably a fantasy type, for the winter season. Enter Black Sails, eschewing sword and sandals for swords and sails. The show carves its outline from the book Treasure Island, serving as a prequel. After debuting to colossal fan and … Read More

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nerdTV: Black Sails

January 29, 2014

blacksails1When Spartacus ended on Starz last year, I was sad thinking that I wouldn’t have a strong period piece/epic to kick of my new year, especially considering the somber note it ended on. Fast forward to New York City Comic-Con ’13 (NYCC) when I first discovered Black Sails. Somehow missing … Read More

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