Welcome to the first Two-Headed Nerd Mini-(Epi)sode! (THN Episode 274a if you’re nasty.)

This week, we have important information about the upcoming THN Rebirth and we review 10 recent comic releases in a special edition of the Ludicrous Speed Round!… Read More


THN Rebirth

November 28, 2016

THN RebirthYou may have heard us talking about the problem we’ve been having with our iTunes feed the last few months, or experienced it for yourselves. Unfortunately, it’s become pretty clear that there’s no way to repair those problems, so that means there’s only one thing left to do: a time-honored … Read More

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Aaaaaaaaand We’re Back!

January 31, 2014

THN_Max_iTunes_Logo2But we never really left!

As many of you are aware, Matt and I have been wrestling with iTunes for the past month and a half. For reasons beyond our understanding, iTunes decided to stop updating with our new episodes. So, even though we were still putting out two new … Read More

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C2E2: Complete THN Coverage Index

April 27, 2013

C2E2Here is an index to THN’s complete coverage of this year’s C2E2!

C2E2 Day One Wrap-Up!

Marvel’s Age of Ultron Panel!

DC Comics’ New 52 Panel!

Marvel’s Superior Spider-Man Panel!

The IDW Panel!

Marvel’s From NOW to Infinity Panel!

The Valiant Entertainment Panel!

C2E2 Day Two Wrap-Up!

Keep your eyes … Read More

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THN Road Trip: C2E2 Day Two Wrap-Up

April 27, 2013

Two DudesI’m back at the hotel, a questionable mixture of vodka and soda at my side, ready to put a bow on C2E2 Day Two!

As you may have noticed, we spent almost the entire day covering publishers’ panels upstairs in the larger conference rooms. I wish we could have gone … Read More

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C2E2: Marvel NOW to Infinity Panel

April 27, 2013

UncAvengersI’m reporting live from the Marvel NOW panel at C2E2! Keep refreshing that browser for frequent updates!

As with their other panels, the room is packed and the crowd is in good spirits. Unlike the other panels, MTV is here filming. If you see my fat ass on tv, I … Read More

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C2E2: IDW Panel

April 27, 2013

IDWHere’s all of the news from from the IDW panel, courtesy of Matt Baum!


Featuring Phil Hester, Mike Costa, Andy Diggle and Menton3 who resembles the Black Pope of the Satanic Church.

They start with Star Trek.  #21 is After Darkness.  Picks up right after the movie ends.  Much … Read More

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C2E2: Marvel Comics Superior Spider-Man Panel

April 27, 2013

Spidey 2099Kill me now…It’s the third panel in a row with no break: Marvel’s Superior Spider-Man! Refresh your browser update request updates!

Arune Singh, Tom Brevoort, and Ellie Pyle are back with Mark Waid, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Ryan Stegman, Chris Samnee, Declan Shalvey, and Nick Spencer. This is a killer panel … Read More

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C2E2: DC Comics New 52 Panel

April 27, 2013

Red LanternsT-minus 25 minutes until DC’s New 2 panel begins! It’s oughtta be something… Keep refreshing that browser for regular updates as I post them!

Here we go! DC VP of Sales Bob Wayne is moderating as always, but no one else is getting introduced. King of DC Fletcher Chu Fong … Read More

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C2E2: Marvel’s Age of Ultron Panel

April 27, 2013

AoUJoe is front row enter at Marvel’s Age of Ultron panel at C2E2! Keep refreshing your browser for updates as fast as I can type them!

Thirty minutes until the panel begins… The slowly is slowly filling up behind me!

Marvel Director of Communications Arune Singh and Editor Extraordinaire Tom … Read More

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THN Road Trip: C2E2 Day One Wrap Up!

April 27, 2013

imageThe shoes are finally off and I’ve taken my last steps of the night…Time to look back and reflect on the day’s events!

The THN Crew arrived at the convention fashionably late and decided to spend the first day taking in the sights. There were a lot of people in … Read More

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