Welcome to Episode 268 of the Two-Headed Nerd Comic Book Podcast! This week, we discuss the gross indignity of Deadpool the Duck, Phil Hester and Tony Harris’ upcoming Blood Blister from Aftershock Comics, and the forthcoming launch of Catalyst Prime, the … Read More

Small Man Big Mouth

Small Man, Big Mouth: Nightcrawler’s Return

April 19, 2014


Meet the new fuzzy elf, same as the old fuzzy elf.

A few months ago on the show, Joe and I reviewed Amazing X-Men #1 written by Jason Aaron with art by Ed McGuinness. This was Aaron’s new X-project after putting a bow on his Wolverine … Read More

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Small Man, Big Mouth: Bad Karma Interview with Jeremy Haun

January 8, 2013

Bad KarmaThis week I sat down for an interview with artist/inker/writer and all-around-nice-guy Jeremy Haun. Currently Haun is penciling The Darkness for Image/Top Cow but that just isn’t enough to keep him busy it seems. Haun and several collaborators, including writer/artist Phil Hester and writer B. Clay Moore have formed a … Read More

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Small Man, Big Mouth: Welcome to the DCU, Wildstorm…Hope you survive the experience

October 19, 2012

I’ve read comics as long as I can remember and during that time have only ever written to one. And, to my older self’s chagrin, it was printed. Printed in the pages of WildC.A.T.S. #14. I grew up loving Spider-Man, the X-Men, Captain America, and Batman, but the only comic … Read More

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Small Man, Big Mouth: DC’s New 52

September 14, 2012

It’s been about year since DC relaunched it’s entire superhero line. If you’re reading this, chances are you listen to the show that I co-host with one of my closet friends and the only other person that’s read DC comics for maybe a little longer than I have. OK, to … Read More

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