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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 8/27/14

Sundowners #1 (Dark Horse) I like the premise of this story so far. The art was good. The characters are interesting. I want to see where this goes. Rating: BUY IT Pop #1 (Dark Horse) This was all that I hoped it would be. Loved...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 7/23/14

Avengers 100th Anniversary Special #1 (Marvel) I have been looking forward to this issue for a long time. It did not disappoint. Amazing art. Mind blowing story. Perfection. Rating: BUY IT Ragnarok #1 (IDW) If you are longing...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 12/04/13

Deadworld: Restoration #1 (IDW) I wasn’t able to read this with much enjoyment because the art is so hard to follow. Maybe it’s just me, but the muddy color and art style make the story almost unreadable. Other than that,...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 8/21/13

Knights of the Dinner Table #200 (KENZER CO) KODT is the only comic I have read every month for over 15 years. It’s a hilarious look at a group of gamers and never fails to please. This is a milestone issue! Rating: BUY IT The...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 01/30/13

Invincible #100 (Image) I have to say, there was a lot more promised from this issue than it delivered. Still, awesome art, interesting story and storyline changes, Invincible continues to be the best super-hero book out....

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 01/23/13

Answer #1 (Dark Horse) A fairly straight forward first issue. Reminds me a bit of Archer & Armstrong for some reason. Nice art, ok story. Enough to make me want to read at least 3 or 4 issues. Rating: SKIM IT Uncanny X-Force...

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