Day: December 10, 2012

Girl Meets Nerd: CookieFest 2012!

Every year in December my friends and I hold a holiday cookie party at my house. What started a few years ago as an impulse Saturday afternoon of making some cookies and having some wine, has grown into one of the most wonderful times of the year! The rules are simple for CookieFest. I provide my house and all the ingredients for two cookies, usually a sugar cookie or gingerbread are included in this mix. Everyone else is required to bring a few bottles of wine. Needless to say, CookieFest is really an excuse to drink wine ALL DAY and decorate innocent sugar cookies super-inappropriately. And we danced, and we cried and we laughed and had a really, really, really good time. This year there was a challenge introduced by The Two-Headed Nerd into CookieFest.  Joe’s wife Michelle and I were each tasked with blindly decorating a cookie based on a comic book character our husbands assigned us. We were to just guess by the name what that person looked like. Then after we decorated it, we were to then look up said character and decorate another cookie with the knowledge of what they actually look like. Challenge accepted! First the good: we completed the challenge. Now the bad: we had pounded so much grape by the time we were issued the challenge, let’s just say I’m sure 5...

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