Deadly Duo #1THE DEADLY DUO #1 (Image Comics 1994)
Writer: Erik Larsen
Pencils: Andy Smith
Inker: Randy Elliott
Letterer: Chris Eliopopulos

Gems in the Bin is a weekly column where I select a comic book from the $.25 bin at Fanfare Sports and Entertainment in Kalamazoo, Michigan for review. Will I strike gold or will I pay too much for an awful comic that should have been shredded? I’ve decided to share a comic from the $.25 bin review I did for Erasing Clouds. This week I present to you The Deadly Duo #1.

Published in 1994, The Deadly Duo #1 was released two years after the founding of Image Comics. Writer Erik Larsen, one of the partner owners for Image Comics, has had a very successful career with Image and Marvel. Larsen is best known for his work with on Amazing Spider-Man and The Savage Dragon.

Kill Cat is an older but tough-as-nails super hero who fights crime in Detroit. Having the typical tormented bad-attitudes of Batman and Wolverine, Larsen’s Kill Cat comes across as a hero that does not need a sidekick to defeat the super villains who run wild in the city. Enter Mark Osborn, a super hero from the future who makes his way to Detroit to fight crime. Enamored with the past, Osborn attempts to become part of society and ends up battling Cement Man, one of Kill Cat’s foes. While Osborn battles Cement Man, Kill Cat arrives on the scene to assist the newcomer. From there, a partnership is created between the two super heroes.

The Deadly Duo #1 is a humorous look at the world of super hero duos. Larsen portrays Kill Cat as a narcissistic hero who takes his crime fighting job very seriously while Mark Osborn is a sarcastic adventurer who relies upon 70s lingo to communicate with everyone. Comparable to The Tick, The Deadly Duo is a fun parody of the super hero universe where things can get a little too dark and somber.

The TD Dubs has spoken.


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