Aaron (Hearts) RomSex #1 (Image)
This was way different than I thought it would be. Stunning art, incredible use of color. Its Batman w/o the all ages restriction, I think.
Rating: BUY IT

Age Of Ultron #1 (Marvel)
Every time I think I’m going to pass on an Ultron event…THEY DRAG ME BACK IN. End of the world, killer robots. The heroes defeated. Yep. I’m in. This was great.
Rating: BUY IT

Helheim #1 (Oni)
This was a fantastic first issue. There are some rushed or odd art panels in the book but nothing that detracts significantly from it, and there are some absolutely stunning panels that make up for it. Awesome intro issue that makes it a very compelling story I want to read more of.
Rating: BUY IT

Lost Vegas #1 (Image)
I didn’t love the art and coloring in this book overall, but I’m a sucker for grifters and space ships. I want to read more of this, hopefully the story unfolds and gives us a bigger premise than we got from this first issue.
Rating: SKIM IT

Artful Daggers #1 (Monkeybrain)
I love the premise of this story, and you get a full issue for .99. I think the art suffers a bit from poor coloring but for the price point and the premise setup this is something you should check out.
Rating: BUY IT

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