Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Year Published: 1990

Creative Team: John Sabljic and Michael Cherkas

Gems in the Bin is a column where I select a comic book from the $.25 bin at Fanfare Sports and Entertainment in Kalamazoo, Michigan for review. Will I strike gold or will I pay too much for an awful comic that should have been shredded? This week, I am reviewing The New Frontier #2  from Dark Horse Comics.

The cover for The New Frontier caught my attention while perusing the $.25 bin, so I opened the comic, flipped through some pages, and was impressed by the black and white noir style of artist Michael Cherkis. I took a look at the back cover of this comic and read the synopsis which talked about the fate of a movie star by the name of Rubi Fields. She died in mysteriously in 1963, and her fans were still debating what really happened to her some 25 years later. The story sounded interesting enough so I put down a quarter.

Writer John Sabljic’s story follows a reporter by the name of Ace who is covering a Rubi Fields tribute event in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The world is still grieving the loss of Rubi Fields, but there is a large cult of Rubi look-alikes that keep her legacy alive. This event is mobbed by fans and the press. Ace meets a woman who claims to be the real Rubi Fields, and she becomes linked to long-shot presidential candidate Ivor Wynne.

The New Frontier is a blend of noir and post-modern literature. It is a satire of how celebrities are worshiped, and how they play a role in shaping political opinion. Sabljic’s story is engaging, but The New Frontier is not for people looking for non-stop action and women with super-powers dressed in less-than-revealing outfits.

Sabljic’s story is complimented by the black and white artwork of Michael Cherkas. His panels are an excellent blend of noir and and sci-fi. Cherkas also does the lettering himself which seems to be a lost art these days.

Overall The New Frontier is an interesting read for those looking for a bit of satire. Another quarter well spent at my local comic book shop. The TD-Dubs has spoken.


TonyDoug Wright (aka The TD-Dubs) is the owner and head writer at Champion City Comics, a webcomics community. He is also a proud father and is married to the coolest and most beautiful girl on the planet.