Batman Eternal 07[EDITOR’S NOTE: Batman Forever is brought to you by the gracious cooperation of Legend Comics & Coffee in Omaha, NE. Check ’em out!]

Batman Eternal #7
The Bat Goes EEEEEEEE!!!

Finally, an issue about Batman.

Here we have Professor Pyg run wild, Catwoman doing some investigating and Batman throwing down.

I generally despise Professor Pyg as a silly creation from the mind of Grant Morrison that’s weird to be weird. In this issue, he’s hilariously weird to the point of using a See ‘N Say to terrorize those being hunted down by the Dollotrons. And then Batman throws it back in his face when he headbutts him.

Too bad the cops are completely corrupt and let Pyg go. (Bastards!)

It’s a pretty fun fight to watch unfold, and the adjacent madness at Penguin’s iceberg casino finally continues the Falcone/Penguin gang war.

Considering the events of the “Batman: Eternal” sort of “zero issue,” it makes me wonder how Catwoman’s moral stand in this issue will lead to her becoming the leader of the Gotham crime world.

I have to mention the art. The art of Emanuel Simeoni is kinetic and makes this issue an absolute joy to read. Batman practically flies off the page while he’s smacking around the Dollotrons. I also love Andy Kubert’s Penguin cover. Hilarious.

Of course, it’s another issue that almost completely ignores the issue preceding it, but I’m starting to think that each writer on the “Eternal” team has his own story that he’s telling. That’s cool, I guess, but I wish they’d tell it together.

Next Week: Robin is still kicking around, and he and Harper will team up to investigate what’s happening in the Narrows. Jim Gordon eats lunch in the prison mess. Penguin teams up with someone to strike back at Falcone. And Falcone seeks revenge for the death of his man, Rhodes.

Next week’s cameo: Bruce Wayne (we’ve only seen his face once).

Was I right?
Last week, I said, “Professor Pyg comes back, at least to be interrogated. Ghosts and death and all kinds of crazy start spewing from Arkham. Robin gets further with the Nanobots. Someone explains why Alfred is now known as ‘Penny One,’ even off the radio.” I also predicted a cameo from Superman figuring everyone in DC is gonna show up eventually.

While I thought he got caught, Pyg was actually on the loose this whole time and he definitely wreaks havoc. Nothing happens in Arkham and Robin is silent. Alfred’s voice merely makes an appearance here, and it makes me wonder how he has time to be a butler and be on the radio all night long.

No Supes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up when he realizes Gotham is exploding around him.

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