Announcing THN’s Name the Segment Contest!

This week, we’re launching our first ever Listenerd contest! We’re getting ready to debut a new Patreon segment where we read and review classic comic storylines that we somehow missed during a lifetime of reading. For example, Matt and I recently discovered that neither one of us had read The Death of Gwen Stacy! HOW CAN THIS BE?! 

Where do you come in? We’re so glad you asked! We tried brainstorming ideas for a catchy name for this new feature, but we came up empty. So we’re looking to you, our loving Listenerds, for creative help. We want you to send us your best ideas for a snappy title, the funnier the better. For inspiration, think of this as our way of making up missed assignments, failing at our nerdy jobs, picking up a fumbled ball, etc. Get it? Winners will receive a digital or physical copy of the first story we tackle in the new segment! Not to mention the instant Internet fame that comes with becoming THN’s #1 Idea Man, Woman, or Person!

You can submit your ideas (as many as you’d like) one of three ways! For my own sanity, ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE MADE THROUGH ONE OF THE FOLLOWING METHODS. I’m only human people, please God make it easy for me!

The deadline for submissions is Midnight on October 31st, 2021…Spooooooooooooooky! 

Okay, I think that’s it. You have your mission…Go forth and wreak havok!


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You can also join in the fun with your fellow Listenerds on the THN Facebook Fan Page! 

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THN's Name the Segment Contest!