Author: Kacie Baum

Girl Meets Nerd: Vin Diesel

Sometimes you learn things about your husband. Sometimes the things you learn make you question your marriage. On Friday night, I learned my husband has a thing for Vin Diesel.  If we divorce, that will be listed as the reason...

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Girl Meets Nerd: Home Alone

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, according to every song ever sung about Christmas. Along with the endless carols, come a handful of Christmas movies. Probably my most favorite holiday film is White Christmas, followed...

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Girl Meets Nerd: Catching Fire

My husband is a smart man. In fact, he will be the first person to let you know how damn smart he is. Humble, non? Basically, he knows a bunch of dumb shit. When it comes to movies, comics, short stories and books, I’ve...

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