Author: Kacie Baum

Girl Meets Nerd: Robocop

You guys are lucky today’s blog was going to actually be a part three to the fish tank saga, because, SPOILER ALERT: I killed two fish. Whatever. Instead something magical happened at my house on Thursday night; my husband...

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Girl Meets Nerd: Batindahouse

Last Wednesday at 4 a.m., my husband and I both jolted awake in our bed. “Did you hear that?” I asked him. “Yes, it sounded like clapping. Maybe from the kitchen?” he said. “Well, go and see what that is. Do you think something...

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Girl Meets Nerd: The Wolverine

Tonight while at dinner at Pitch Pizzeria ($30 bottle-of-wine-and-pizza deal, y’all) a preview for the new Hugh Jackman movie, The Wolverine came on TV. My husband sighed and said, “Well, I guess we have to see this over the...

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