Author: Ryan Mount

Comics Under Trump

Bill Simmons once said this on his podcast: “I think having the conversations are really important and it doesn’t have to mean I lean on one side or the other… I don’t think people should be afraid to have the conversations.” Newsrama recently released an article concerning the effects the current US President, Donald Trump, could have on the comics market. The comics market also has sub markets based on speculation, and we’re going to speculate a bit in this piece.  None of what is said below is to be taken as fact or guaranteed to happen.  However, to return to Bill...

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Between the Balloons: Lilah Sturges

Lilah Sturges is an accomplished comic writer with titles such as Jack of Fables, House of Mystery, and Public Relations.  Recently she took to Facebook to announce to the world that she was a trans-woman.  (You can find the whole post here:  Shortly after the announcement, Lilah was nice enough to spend some time with THN to talk about her story, feminism in comics, and her thoughts on writing a trans character in comics in the future. Ryan Mount for Two-Headed Nerd: Congrats to you on your new lease on life.  I cannot truthfully fathom everything that is...

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Between the Balloons: Zack Kaplan, Writer of Eclipse

Zack Kaplan is a television and screen writer who grew up on comics.  He now is writing the hit series Eclipse over at Image Comics.  We sat down and talked about where Zack came from and his ongoing series at Image. Ryan Mount for Two-Headed Nerd: You are a television and screenwriter, but somehow escape a huge imprint in the internet, so in getting to know you, how long you have you been a writer? Zack Kaplan: Well, many may not know this, but there’s a world of Film/TV writers who collaborate with well known producers on a spec...

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Between the Balloons: Mark Russell

Mark Russell is the recent writer of the critically acclaimed Prez series in 2015 and the current writer of the social commentary take on The Flintstones.  We got a chance to talk with the actual president election a week away, but also on the eve of DC’s Election Special which sees a return of Prez. Ryan Mount for Two-Headed Nerd: The Prez “Finale” is scheduled to be published this Wednesday as a 12-page story in Catwoman: Election Special #1.  Do you believe this will be a true series send off or tie up some loose ends left after issue...

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Between the Balloons: Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs

When I reached out to Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs it was to talk about their upcoming work on John Carpenter’s Tales for Halloween Night, Volume Two.  When it was all said and done we tackled everything from horror genre staples to the massive amount of work each of them have out now and coming soon.  Amanda is a TV and comic book writer, as well as an actress.  Some of her most recent work includes an issue of Wonder Woman ’77 and a low budget horror comedy, Helltown.   Cat is an illustrator who has worked for DC, IDW,...

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