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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 03/12/14

The Returning #1 (Boom) Pretty well written, serviceable art, but poor coloring. Not a bad first issue, just not enough to hook me. Rating: SKIM IT Magnus Robot Fighter #1 (Dynamite) This is a well-executed first issue that...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 02/19/13

Daredevil #36 (Marvel) A perfect end to a perfect run. Looking forward to more in California! Rating: BUY IT Undertow #1 (Image) I love this story. Crazy sci-fi, great art…all-around crazy good. Rating: BUY IT The White...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 12/18/13

The Midas Flesh #1 (BOOM) Even though the dialogue comes off as Sophomoric, this is a fun first issue for all ages and a good start to a promising story. Read it! Rating: BUY IT Buzzkill #4 (DARK HORSE) This is a great...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 02/20/13

Conan #13 (Dark Horse) For the first time in my life I’m completely hooked on a Conan book. Month after month Brian Wood keeps me coming back for more. Conan is a deep and rich character, more than just a brutal fighter. Rating:...

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