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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 7/15/15

Hawkeye #22 (Marvel) Remember when Hawkeye was the best Marvel book out and we all couldn’t wait for the next issue? Yeah that was a while ago. This was fine. I’m glad it’s over. Rating: BUY IT (I mean, we stuck with it this...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 7/30/14

Bodies #1 (Vertigo) Hard to say you “have” to get this with this first issue but I liked it a lot. Great art, interesting setup, I want to see where it goes. Rating: SKIM IT Low #1 (Image) I love high concept sci fi. I love Rick...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 7/24/13

Lobster Johnson A Scent of Lotus #1 (of 2) (Dark Horse) I love the Lobster Johnson books. They are perfect pulp mixed with supernatural horror. You can’t go wrong with any of the stories of this character. Rating: BUY IT...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 01/30/13

Invincible #100 (Image) I have to say, there was a lot more promised from this issue than it delivered. Still, awesome art, interesting story and storyline changes, Invincible continues to be the best super-hero book out....

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