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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 6/24/15

Gotham by Midnight #6 (DC) New creative team, new story arc, same great series as before. Jump on or continue, you won’t be disappointed. Rating: BUY IT Superman #41 (DC) The timeline between Superman and Action Comics is so off...

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Book Report: Gladiator

We’re going historic for this review. There is a scene in the final issue of Alan Moore’s Supreme run, V2 #6, where Supreme meets the giant disembodied floating head of Jack Kirby. Yes, this actually happened. This was a...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 6/25/14

The Amazing World of Gumball #1 (Kaboom!) I’m not sure who this series is for. It’s fun art, silly story, but nothing bad. I’m not familiar with the cartoon but if I was I could see enjoying this a lot. Rating: SKIM IT...

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