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nerdTV: Saturated with Superheroes

Arrow is back! I’m very excited. I’ve been missing my weekly dose of absolute stupidity. This show is Ridiculous. Capital ‘R’. We last saw Oliver dead at the hands of our svelte, Tv-verse, Liam Neeson-Lite Ra’s al Ghul. To the...

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 4/23/14

Original Sin #0 (Marvel) This was more of a teaser for the main series. I don’t know if you have to have this to read the rest of the event but it was a good comic. Rating: BUY IT Justice League United #0 (DC) I hate new Lobo....

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Ludicrous Speed Reviews 02/13/13

Peter Panzerfaust #9 (Image) There is a reason people are talking about this book. It’s great! Much more than just a Peter Pan parable this comic is intense and compelling every issue! Rating: BUY IT The Walking Dead: The...

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