The Two-Headed Nerd has returned! You will excuse our slight tardiness this week. Matt spent all day Sunday embroiled in culinary warfare, emerging from the Omaha equivalent of Kitchen Stadium battered, bruised, and VICTORIOUS! And though fatigue threatened to overtake him, Matt drew on the power provided by your collective adoration and stayed awake until the editing of this week’s episode was complete. It was pretty late is what I’m saying.

The Big News is pro-Hollywood this week, as the announcement of Showtime’s upcoming Chew adaptation and the full-length Captain America trailer have our hearts aflutter. Matt and Joe also dip their toes into the bottomless abyss that is the digital comics debate…Pray for us. Requied Reading is back with a request from Nathan for more espionage comics. THN is all too happy to oblige.

This week, Joe checks in on long-running War of Light with his review of Green Lantern #64 from DC Comics. Matt chips a little bit more at Joe’s soul by making BOOM Studios’ Hellraiser #1 his pick of the week. Next Wednesday will be an embarrassment of riches, but really the picks for next week are obvious. Matt eagerly awaits the release of Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #1 from IDW. GOJIRA!!! Joe prepares to say goodbye to an old friend when Jack of Fables ends with issue #50.

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