Welcome to Episode 17 of the Two-Headed Nerd Comicast, which Matt claims to be “the best we’ve ever done.” Is he right? Only the faithful Listenerds can decide! This week, Joe and Matt react to the upcoming shakeups in Marvel’s Ultimate line, FAIL to react to the annoucement of Kevin Smith’s new comic project, and OVERREACT to the cancellation of several nerdy Hollywood projects. This episode marks the debut of a new segment called NERD TV, where we take a look at what’s playing on the Internet, cable, DVD, and the Big Screen each month!

This week, Joe embraces the Silver Age insanity of DC’s Batman Incorporated #6. Meanwhile, Matt examines the new, post-Age of X direction of Marvel’s New Mutants #25. For next week, Joe can’t wait to slide on his jodhpurs and read Rocketeer Adventures #1 from IDW. Matt’s decade-long nightmare is over as Canda’s premiere super-team returns from obscurity in Marvel’s Alpha Flight #0.1.

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Our theme music is A Better Tomorrow by Dan the Automator. Other music found in this week’s episode was provided by the following sources: Big News Theme — Here is the News by ELO, Theme song from V (1984), Ludicrous Speed Round Theme — Fury of the Storm by Dragonforce, TV Party by Black Flag.