Editor’s Note: Matt and I have a lot of opinions, but they may not always match what you guys think. That’s why we invited Aaron Meyers, King of Ask A Nerd, to bring us his unique perspective. Take it away, Aaron!


Prophet #28 (Image Comics):
If you haven’t been reading this what is wrong with you? Another great issue in the epic sci-fi Saga that is Brandon Graham’s prophet series. Amazing art by Giannis Milonogiannis, loved the cover art by Simon Roy, BUY IT! If you haven’t been buying it, buy the first trade that just came out and catch up!
Rating: BUY IT

Smoke & Mirrors #5 (IDW):
The final issue in this mini-series from Mike Costa & Jon Armstron with art by Ryan Browne finished with a Bang! This series was so much fun to read, a fresh and interesting take on magic, science and technology. The hidden tricks in the story make it extra fun, get this in trade if you missed it, if you have been reading it, it’s a strong buy it to see how this finishes.
Rating: BUY IT

New Deadwardians #6 (DC/Vertigo):
Issue 6 continues the unravel the mystery central to this story. This has been one of my favorite series this year, it has not failed to keep my riveted and entertained. Catch up on this if you haven’t been reading, pick it up this week if you have!
Rating: BUY IT

Lock & Key: Grindhouse One Shot (IDW):
A departure from the regular series style with this one shot still keeps the excitement and mythos of the Locke & Key world. Even if you haven’t been reading the regular series, this stand-alone issue is a great read.
Rating: BUY IT

Debris #2 (Image Comics):
The second issue in this series by Kurtis J. Weibe art by Riley Rossmo keeps up the pace and enjoyment of the first. The strange world of machine monsters that we find ourselves in, visualized with stunning art by Rossmo makes this a fantastic issue.
Rating: BUY IT

The Sixth Gun #24 (Oni Press):
Start of a new story arc! If you have been looking for a time to check out this series, jump on here! One of the best westerns on the market right now, Bunn’s tale of the supernatural is something you should be reading.
Rating: BUY IT

Aaron Meyers is a full time nerd for both money and pleasure. When he’s not knee deep in networking cable or trapped in a server rack, he can be found on Twitter at @aaronmeyers or posting his musings about the world of comics at his blog Proactive Continuity.