Champion City Comics Celebrates Three Years
Portage, MI, October 19, 2012 – Champion City Comics is pleased to announce that the site is currently celebrating its third year as a webcomics community that publishes titles for fans of superhero tales, war stories, science-fiction, horror stories, and humor.
Champion City Comics was founded by TonyDoug Wright in October of 2009 to serve as a platform for aspiring writers and comic book artists. The site now has a staff of thirteen writers and artists and features seventeen webcomics including Dr Death vs. The Vampire, Dr Death vs. The Zombie, Day 165, Rapid City, and The Red Devil. Champion City Comics has expanded its format to include short stories from aspiring writers. The success of Champion City Comics has created opportunities outside the community for our staff:
  • Artist and writer, Anand Kaviraj, has successfully completed a comic book version of The Crimson Mask and just published an incredible Sci-Fi anthology titled Tales from the Void with Irish writer Darrin O’Toole, which was featured at the 2012 Dublin International Comic Expo.
  • Artist Erik Roman has teamed up with Steve Bryant, creator Athena Voltaire, to create The Black Cobra, a pulp inspired comic book.
  • Artist and writer, Victor Pozzi has completed a comic book for an Argentine fanzine titled, Uritorco.
  • The Red Devil, a Champion City Comics original, has been featured in Megabook2 by CE Publishing.
  • Naira and The Number 18, two Champion City Comics originals, have been featured in anthologies published by Twilight Star Studios.
Champion City Comics is updated Monday through Friday and we pride ourselves on providing the best webcomics to a worldwide audience.
TonyDoug Wright
Founder, Champion City Comics