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Listen to Episode 87 of the Two-Headed Nerd Comicast….if you DARE!!!

This week, in our Second Annual Halloween Metal Show, we discuss Rob Liefeld’s un-retirement from comics, the return of Joe Madureira, and Dan Slott’s carelessly revealed (or carefully planned) spoiler for Superior Spider-Man.

Plus, we Take A Look cuz It’s in a Book with our review of the Image Comics Severed hardcover by Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft, and Attila Futaki!

This week’s Shout-Out went to Tab Carson, who shotgunned every episode of THN and lived to tell the tale! Then, she still liked us enough to give the show a nice write up on her blog. Check out the write up HERE and be sure to check out the rest of Tab’s Internet musings HERE.

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This week’s reviews:

  • Joe — Superman #13 from DC Comics
  • Matt — Captain America #19 from Marvel Comics

Ludicrous Speed Round:

Joe’s 5:

  • Invincible Iron Man #527 from Marvel Comics
  • Let’s Play God #1 from IDW
  • A-Babies Vs. X-Babies One-shot from Marvel Comics
  • Wolverine MAX #1 from Marvel Comics
  • Punisher War Zone #1 from Marvel Comics

Matt’s 5:

  • Bravest Warriors #1 from KaBOOM!
  • Batman Incorporated #4 from DC Comics
  • Talon #1 from DC Comics
  • Multiple Warheads #1 from Image Comics
  • FF #23 from Marvel Comics

Picks for next week:

  • Joe — Bedlam #1 from Image Comics by Nick Spencer and Reilly Rossmo
  • Matt — BPRD Hell on Earth #100 from Dark Horse Comics by Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, Tyler Crook, Dave Stewart, and Ryan Sook

Trade/Graphic Novel of the Week:

  • G.I. Joe: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 HC from IDW

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