Mirror SpockThis is usually the time of day on a Sunday afternoon when you’d see the latest episode of THN pop up in various places online. Sadly, due to personal and professional commitments, there will NOT be a new episode of THN this week, nor will there be an Answer of the Week. We were prepared to record a fun show this week, one that included a great interview with webcomics legend Dave Kellett, but life got in the way. We’re sorry we’re not able to bring you a new episode today, but let’s try to make something fun out of it.

We’re going to post this week’s Question right here, and we want you dudes and ladydudes to leave your answers in the comments section! Respond to one another, engage in healthy debate, and have some fun! This is a safe place, so be excellent to each other, and be mindful of others if you’re posting super-spoilerz.

The Dave Kellett interview will appear in our September 1st episode. We hope to be back on track before too long, but in the meantime, let’s all enjoy this fancy website that Max made so lovingly for us!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: what is your favorite alternate reality/parallel universe story and why? Is it a really cool issue of What If? A Justice-League-gone-wrong tale like Squadron Supreme? You don’t have to limit yourself to comics, so feel free to cite TV shows, movies, novels, WHATEVA!

Leave your answers in the comment section below!