Rom HeadshotCodename Action #1 (DYNAMITE)
This was a complete impulse buy for me. I was pleasantly surprised at this fun first issue. A very Bond type story, it was a good read.
Rating: BUY IT

Forever Evil #1 (DC)
I’m not a DC guy in my heart. I haven’t been reading much DC. I actually liked this. I ended up buying all the tie-ins too. What is happening to me?
Rating: BUY IT

God is Dead #1 (Avatar)
I never pre-order let alone buy any Avatar books for the most part. When I saw that Hickman was writing this it was enough to get me to order it. I should have just burned my money instead. It was terrible.
Rating: LEAVE IT

X-Men Battle of the Atom #1 (MARVEL)
I’ve spend a chunk of time these last few months catching up on X-Books and knew what was going on going into this event. If you aren’t immersed in the X-Verse, this will be kinda confusing for you. I really liked it a lot and want to read the rest of this event!
Rating: SKIM IT

Batman Black & White #1 (DC)
What a lineup of talent on this book! Great Batman stories told by some of the best creators working. Its worth every penny.
Rating: BUY IT

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