skysurfer1Holy hot street trash. For every show like Mighty Max or Pirates of Dark Water that got it right, there was one like Skysurfer Strike Force that seemed totally rad in the moment, but really wasn’t. Impossible muscular physics, awkward costumes, bad hair, boomerangs, and an obnoxious amount of cleavage, this show had it all. If there had been more pouches on their costumes, I would have thought this was created by Rob Liefeld.

First off, the opening credits features some of the worst exposition I’ve ever heard. It’s as if the first episode were compressed into a minute long and read by the Micro Machine guy. Some blonde mulletted guy’s dad was framed, so he uses his abs — and four of his friends’ abs — to fight robots on flying surfboard cars. Sorry, scratch that. One member of the team is a female and uses her cleavage to fight crime robots. The team had watches that magically transformed their street clothes of jean jackets, acid wash denim vests, and ripped T-shirts into their Skysurfer uniforms. Their cars would change into surfboards, somehow shrinking when they did.

skysurfer2Every character was obnoxious, poorly designed, and clichéd. First, there was Skysurfer One, the leader. Aside from the mullet, his costume was dumb. What did that gold chest/shoulder arm accomplish? Next is Crazy Stunts. Besides the cut sleeves and cowboy hat, he has the longest ponytail I have ever seen on a man. Then there’s Sliced Ice, the lone female. I think I’ve already made my point about her: boobs. Following that is the king of abs, Air Enforcer. Aside from bringing some ethnic diversity to the team (he’s black), he’s basically a War Machine ripoff. Finally, there’s Soar Loser.

skysurfer3Let me tell you about Soar Loser. While the rest of the team uses somewhat conventional weapons (laser sword, laser guns, laser whip, laser lasers), he uses boomerangs. And not just any kind of boomerangs, oh no. He has one that easily spans six feet strapped to his back, not to mention the ones strapped to his boots and gauntlets. Though I think those are for aesthetic purposes. Not only does his civilian garb look as though he worked on Wayne’s World (ripped knee jeans), his sleeveless shirt has a boomerang on it. Seriously?

Oh, and the main villain’s name is Cybron. It’s probably the one guy’s dad. Spoilers I guess.

On a scale of Lloyd Christmas to double face palm, how stupid did you think this show was? Comment below!

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I found a fansite for this show on Geocities.