Joe Meyers

With no show upon which to unload his feelings this week, Joe had no choice but to join Voltron-style with the always-faithful AARON MEYERS to form a review column that’s sure to be greater than the sum of its parts! Now, join Aaron and Joe as they talk about this week’s comics in an extra-special, extra-sized installment of LUDICROUS SPEED REVIEWS!

Aaron’s Reviews:

The Field #1 (Image)
No idea what happened in this issue. I cant wait to read what happens next.
Rating: BUY IT

Dead Letters #1 (Boom)
This was a great first issue. Art blew me away, I had to check and this is his first published book outside of self-published. Hooked me, don’t miss this.
Rating: BUY IT                                                                           

Self-Obsessed (One Shot) #1 (Image)
I think Sina Grace is a really talented young creator with a lot of great work behind him too. I found this to be an interesting look into his life and art but I can’t say this is a must read for everyone.
Rating: SKIM IT

Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight #7 (Dark Horse)
The first part of this new and last story. Love this series, pick this up.
Rating: BUY IT

What if: Ultron #1 (Marvel)
An honestly chuilling what if story looking at if Age of Ultron happened and he wasn’t defeated. I really liked this a lot, the art was solid, and the writing was great.
Rating: BUY IT


Joe’s Reviews:

Inhuman #1 (Marvel)
Inhuman is finally here! I can’t say that it was “worth the wait” — it’s nothing Earth-shattering, but I did really enjoy the story by Charles Soule and Joe Madureira’s art is gorgeous. Separate the book from the marketing and enjoy it for what it is, despite the fact that Inferno, the new Inhuman “lead” character is named Dante (GET IT? Like Dante’s Inferno! Insert Price is Right Sad Trombone HERE).
Rating: BUY IT

Moon Knight #2 (Marvel)
This book. I can’t even believe how good it is… Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey, and Jordie Bellaire are teaching a master-level class in comic-booking. This was a standalone issue, so don’t sweat it if you missed the first issue.
Rating: BUY IT

Detective Comics #30 (DC)
Brian Buccellatto and Francis Manapul take over the creative duties on Detective with this issue. The story has a high-level of cheese that’s offset by absolutely stunning art. Plus, the reintroduction/revamp of one of my all-time favorite Batman villains!
Rating: BUY IT

Aquaman & The Others #1 (DC)
This is the textbook definition of mediocre. Average premise, average writing, and average art. I can’t believe that anyone thought there would be enough demand for a second Aquaman ongoing (sorry, Patrick), and this did absolutely nothing to convince me otherwise.
Rating: LEAVE IT

Caliban #1 (Avatar)
Billed as a “haunting new epic of science fiction horror” by Avatar, I confess that I didn’t really find anything too haunting or epic about the first issue. It’s well-written, of course, and the art is decent, but I feel like this needs more time to ramp up. I dig the premise, so I’m in for now, but it didn’t hit as hard as I was expecting.
Rating: SKIM IT

Copra #13 (Copra Press)
Michel Fiffe is back with another issue of his amazing self-published series. This issue focuses on Lloyd and his quest for revenge. This series is wonderful and this standalone issue is one of my favorites. Beautifully drawn, tense, and surprising.

Aaron Meyers is a full time nerd for both money and pleasure. When he’s not knee deep in networking cable or trapped in a server rack, he can be found on Twitter at @aaronmeyers or posting his musings about the world of comics at his blog Proactive Continuity.

Joe Patrick is one of the hosts of the Two-Headed Nerd Comicast, Editor-in-Chief of, and manager of Legend Comics & Coffee in Omaha, NE. If he could have built a career out of correcting Matt Baum’s mistakes, he would have left you all behind years ago.