Rom HeadshotThe Multiversity: Pax Americana #1 (DC)
I learned a lot about the Watchmen I didn’t know because of this. Dense, maybe not something everyone will enjoy, but a darn good comic.
Rating: BUY IT

Sinergy #1 (Image)
I wanted to like this more. I like the art a lot, but the writing missed the mark and I don’t really care to read more.
Rating: SKIM IT                                                                         

Spider-Woman #1 (Marvel)
Land’s art was more restrained than normal, so that was good. This didn’t have a lot of Spider-Woman in it compared to Silk. Strange first issue. Hope it finds its mark.
Rating: SKIM IT

Wonder Woman #36 (DC)
Not terrible. Nothing special. While the quality of the art can’t be argued, I just don’t like it that much. I won’t be reading more.
Rating: SKIM IT

Intersect #1 (Image)
I love this creator. I want to see what this story is about. You should too.
Rating: BUY IT

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