Mr_bogus_1Saturday Mornings lineups had many pitfalls. Often, tough decisions were made about what to watch. Do you watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Batman: The Animated Series? A tough choice indeed (but by then, it was totally Batman). Occasionally, there was a bad timeslot. A 30 minute block where across the 3 – 5 stations airing cartoons, there was nothing but garbage. That’s when trash like Skysurfer Strike Force or The Incredible Crash Dummies aired. That’s when Mr. Bogus existed.

Mr_bogus_3Mr. Bogus (1991) followed the animated or stop motion adventures of a yellow, short wearing, gremlin like awesome, wild, rad dude, Mr. Bogus. He would either play in the house of Tommy Anybody when they weren’t home, were they apparently left bowls of ice cream on counter when they went to work, or venture into Bogus world. Between the animated segments, there’d be stop motion clay animation of the character going through the house, doing stuff. Fun fact, the clay animated portions were from a French/Belgian show called Bogus from 1987.

Mr_bogus_2This guy was a tool. That’s why I hated him so much. He embodied many of the hip jive words of the era in a effort to sound cool. Even his name, Bogus, what the hell does that mean? Cam Clarke (Leonardo) voiced the yellow gremlin, if you could call it that. I’m not disparaging Clarke’s work, he’s one of my favorite voice actors, but all Bogus did was babble incoherently, making random noises and garbles. As for the show, random things just happened. This might be my type A personality coming through, but none of this made sense. I’m sure to a child’s ADHD riddled mind it might have, but I only found it aggravating.

Mr_bogus_4Day time TV sucked. In the mornings, awesome cartoons like Beast Wars and Gargoyles would re-air. On snow days, or ones I was crafty enough to fake an illness, I watched the rest of the lineup. I would hope, in vain, to see something new or rediscover an old gem. I was only fooling myself. The quality quickly plummeted. Following Gargoyles would come mediocre shows like Mummies Alive!, unfunny nonsense like Bonkers, and finally, Mr. Bogus. Yes, the show was stupid, but I think that’s the reason I hated it so much. It was the last cartoon of the morning, leaving a bad taste in my mouth on my hard earned day off from school.

Mr. Bogus was dumb. The end.

Remember this garbage? Were you as angered by it as I was? Comment below!

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