Goof Troop TitleFollowing up Disney’s fantastic run of hits on Disney Afternoon was Goof Troop, a cartoon that tried to replicate the formula of previous successes, modernizing Disney classics. The Ducks (twice even), Bears, and Chipmunks got theirs, now it was time for the d-o-single-g. Did they capture magic for a fifth time? Well, depends on who you ask.

Goof TroopSingle father Goofy moves back to his home town with son Max, next door to his high school friend Peter Pete, wife Peg, son P.J. (Peter Jr.), and daughter Pistol. Antics and hilarity ensues as Goofy does his best to be a dad, and Max, like many kids, is often embarrassed by him. Pete, considering Goofy his rival, exacts plots to get him ousted from the neighborhood, while P.J. is nothing like his dad, and is best friends with Max.

Goof Troop Pete's FamilyGoof Troop was slice of life crossed with Disney hijinks. Episodes showed the stereotypical suburban life with a bit of nonsense mixed in for comedic effect. Like Darkwing Duck, Beetlejuice, and a few other shows at the time, Goof Troop had daily episodes on Disney Afternoon and regular episodes on Saturday mornings. After the series concluded, the feature film, A Goofy Movie released in 1995 with a direct-to-dvd sequel, An Extremely Goofy Movie in 2000.

A Goofy MovieI won’t lie, I don’t have much to say about the show. I didn’t dislike, though I certainly didn’t enjoy it. Goofy is one of my favorite Disney characters. The old cartoons were ones I’ve watched frequently. It seems like this would be a nature extension, focusing on Goofy. There was something the other shows had this missed. Goof Troop lacked soul. The scripts didn’t have the same love and craft that the others did. It’s a fine show for some, but one I never enjoyed, and don’t seek out.

Did you enjoy Goof Troop? Find it lacking as well? Comment below!

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Pistol Pete. Get it?