Rom5The Dying and the Dead #1 (IMAGE)
Hey,you know how Hickman is great at writing comics and they totally suck you into their epic stories. Yeah, this is just another one of those.
Rating: BUY IT

King: The Phantom #1 (Dynamite)
Dynamite has really stepped up the quality of their pulp properties and this is no exception. I really enjoyed it and I’d like to read more.
Rating: BUY IT                                                                           

Casanova Acedia #1 (Image)
Never read Casanova? That’s ok, you can jump on here. This is a crazy, complex, action packed story you won’t want to miss.
Rating: BUY IT

Find #1 (Action Lab)
This surprised me. Enjoyed the art and a great story that is familiar and fresh at the same time. Fun read!
Rating: SKIM IT

Quantum and Woody Must Die #1 (Valiant)
If you loved this book before, this will keep your love. If you haven’t read this before, jump on!
Rating: BUY IT

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