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This week’s question was once again submitted by Phil Lee via the forums: Fight! Fight! Fight! I LOVE when Heroes fight each other, so it’s Superhero Deathmatch Time! What comic/cartoon characters (that have NEVER squared off) should go “Mano Y Mano?” Personally, I want Conan to kick the Demon-Dog $#!+ out of Thundarr! ALSO, who would win?

Your written answers!

Frank Cerillo: “I want to see Popeye demolish the Brady Kids, just because they’re so annoying. And I think I’d like to see Mighty Mouse and Felix the Cat is a cage match, my money is on the mouse.”

Jimmy Randall: “Papa Smurf V Allstar from The Snorks. I’d also like to see a fight between regular dudes from comics – Rick Jones Vs Jimmy Olsen would be a sight to see. A Sidekick Slamdown for the ages. Both would obviously be de-powered, with no assistance from anyone.”

JD Gotta Ketch: “I’m going to resort to form here and propose the Ellis match. Elijah Snow vs. Spider Jerusalem vs. Miranda Zero vs. Jenny Sparks (yes I know Elijah and Jenny know each other canonically; doesn’t matter)”

CJ Dan: “Nemesis vs Deadpool. I need more of Millar’s Nemesis in my life.”


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THN Answer of the Week 5/3/20: Superhero Deathmatch!