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This week’s question was submitted by Jason Sacks via the THN Forums: Recently I watched Disney’s The Black Hole, which was not a good movie. But I was kind of thrilled to finally cross it off my to-be-watched list, where it was since the movie came out in 1979 (yeah I’m old). What is a book, TV show, movie or whatever you’d been meaning to check out and then finally did after years of thinking about it? And what was your reaction to finally taking in that bit of entertainment?

Our side question: No side question this week!

Your written answers!

Bryant Thomas: “A show that took me a long time to get on the band wagon with is Rick and Morty. I was avoiding it like no matter who told me it was amazing, best friend, random people at work. I just felt burnt out I guess with cartoons and shows that reminded me of family guy type tv shows in any essence. One day me and a customer got in a discussion about the show and he was so adamant about me watching the show he gave me his log in to a streaming site that had all all the episodes. I gave it and try and found myself binging through all 3 seasons of it at light speed. It’s off the wall episodes that I never would have thought of and the character interactions are funny as hell. A part of me is glad that I waited because I didn’t have to rip out my hair waiting for each season once I think about it . Anyways love the show and hope everything is going well.
Bryant( who is going to try to give the wire tv show a shot next)”

Morgan Faisant de Champchesnel: “I am currently listening to your rebirth, so i am pretty much five years late. So I guess every episode of THN is a masterpiece I am waiting several years to listen to. A more serious answer would be “Singing in the Rain.” I have always loved Fred Astair, and that was even better than expected. And for a comic related answer, I will say the Superman movie featuring Marlon Brando from 1978. I was expecting a shitty movie, liked by fans because there are some shitty movies you are supposed to like if you want to be at the top of nerd game. But actually, I found it very clever; one of the best super hero movies I have seen.”


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THN Answer of the Week 5/17/20: Better Late Than Never!