Welcome to THN Cover to Cover, recorded on Saturday 11/6/2021, for our discussion of comic, movie & TV news with you peeps live! It’s the best comics call-in show on the whole Internets!

NERD NEWS for this episode:

  • The new Morbius trailer gets Raimi/Garfield/Holland multiversal!
  • Marvel updates How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way and Joe eyes a career change!
  • Taika Waititi is bringing Jodorowski and Moebius’ sci-fi GN The Incal to the big screen!

And of course, the Question of the Week!

This week’s question was submitted by Josh Rector  via the THN Forums: What comic creator did you discover before they hit the big time? Did you catch a young Frank Miller on Weird War Tales back in 1978? Did you read 2000AD back in the day and come across a baby faced Grant Morrison? Did you used to babysit a ten year old Greg Land as he traced the underwear section of the sears catalog? To put it in hipster terms…What comic book creator were you into before it was cool?

After that we’re taking your calls and discussing:

  • Dune and its influence on Star Wars.
  • HBO Max Batgirl movie casting news.
  • Metallica’s betrayal of Matt.
  • The Spawn cartoon/movie of the 90’s and Joe’s Todd McFarlane impression.
  • Doom Patrol on HBO Max.
  • Hickman’s X-Men and who is in charge of this island anyway?
  • Matt’s Husker football apathy.
  • Young Justice on HBO Max.
  • The Eternals initial reactions!

Required Reading (comics discussed in this episode):

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THN Cover to Cover 11/6/21: Discussion of Comic, Movie & TV News, Morbius, Taika Waititi Directs the Incal, Plus Your Calls!







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