Welcome to THN Cover to Cover, recorded on Saturday 11/13/2021, for our discussion of comic, movie & TV news with you peeps live! It’s the best comics call-in show on the whole Internets!

NERD NEWS for this episode:

  • Secret X-Men! Marrow is BACK baby!
  • Disney Plus Day Marvel Teasers, Moon Knight, She Hulk, Ms Marvel
  • X-Men 97, the animated series from the 90’s returns
  • Kenobi! Confirmed, the cast is excited…
  • Predator: Prey, a Comanche warrior defends her people from the one ugly MF!

And of course, the Question of the Week!

This week’s question was submitted by The Nomad via the THN Forums: “So I was thinking of how great, standing pillars of Truth, Justice, etc, most superheroes are. However, we don’t always think about the time they make a mistake, ranging from them losing their job, ending relationships, and sometimes, even costing innocent lives. Which particular moment do you remember where the hero, or protagonist of a book, just done messed up?”

After that we’re taking your calls and discussing:

  • Cowboy Bebop on Netflix!
  • New Hawkeye footage!
  • Daredevil was a terrible husband!
  • Eternals! (No Spoilers, promise)
  • Terrence Howard vs Don Cheadle, battle of the Rhodeys!
  • Metroid Dread, why nerds be hatin’?
  • Are there any good anime/manga live adaptations?
  • Highlander reboot with Henry Cavill!

Required Reading (comics discussed in this episode):

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THN Cover to Cover 11/13/21: Discussion of Comic, Movie & TV News, Disney Plus Day Marvel Teasers, Moon Knight, She Hulk, X-Men 97, Kenobi, Predator, Plus Your Calls!







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