Welcome to Two-Headed Nerd Episode #650 where our sentient Cosmic Longbox is forcing us into classic comic book reviews based on a theme. This time our theme is “WHEN NON-MUTANTS MUTATE!” – or “When Heroes Mutate (But NOT Mutants),” depending on whose side you’re on – so we’ll be digging into the long and storied past of strange comic book transformations!

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The Question of the Week:

This week’s question was submitted by Harvey Locust: What is the most important crossover to you? Whether it introduced one of your favorite characters, changed the outlook for a group, or rewrote the entire universe, we all have a major event that we like more than the rest for one reason or another. What’s that event for you? In other words, not which one is considered the most momentous historically, but the event that’s most important to you personally.

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#650 Cosmic Longbox Classic Comic Book Reviews: WHEN NON-MUTANTS MUTATE!