The LUDICROUS SPEED ROUND returns with new comic reviews for the week of 7/27/22! What, you thought we quit? NO FRIGGIN WAY! We read way more comics than we have time to talk about on the show so the rest end up here! If you’re a long-time-listenerd, you probably remember our short reviews accompanied by glorious power metal. Now you can supply your own soundtrack and relive the magic as we review and rate these comics on our patented “Buy it”, “Skim it” or “Leave it” scale. We’ll be sure to update this post as we read more of the week’s new comics so be sure to check back. But enough talk!


Matt’s Reviews:

Fantastic Four

Cover art by Cafu

Fantastic Four (2018) #46

Review: Dan Slott ends his FF run with a family reunion where we meet Reed’s half-sister? Yeah, I admit I need to catch up here but it seems Nathaniel Richards got around in his day. Cafu is amazing on art but he’s not just drawing the first family hugging and kissing. Even though this issue is mainly tying up Slott’s over-arching plot we get a happy ending for Johnny, some truly heartfelt personal growth for Reed, a fight in the Microverse, some slight tweaks to the FF’s origin that I thought was GREAT, and the solicit may say it, Namor does not show up. WTF, Marvel? Love or hate Dan Slott, ya gotta admit, the guy knows how to end a run with class

Buy it!



Beware the Eye of Odin #3 Image Comics

Cover by Tim Odland

Beware the Eye of Odin #3, Image

Review: Writer Doug Wagner’s tale of sword-and-sorcery-fantasy meets Norse mythology continues to be a blast with each issue. The detailed and borderline insane design of the trolls in this comic is outstanding. Tim Odland is an artist that pours every ounce of his talent into his panels and it shows in the cartoonishly gory fight scenes and over-the-top action. Norse mythology can often be treated way too serious and it’s nice to see this creative team taking a slightly more lighthearted look and coming at it from a D&D perspective (complete with onomatopoeia like “CRIT!”). This was a comic we missed on the show,I think my buddy and resident DM Wooly toots brought it to my attention and I’m glad he did. Watch this creative team because both these guys are going to be huge soon so get your troll sketches while you can still afford them.

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LUDICROUS SPEED ROUND: New Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 7/6/22