Steel Yourselves Because It’s New Comic Book Review Time in the Ziggurat!

Once again, the Nerds tackle 12 new comic book reviews from NCBDs 4/25/23 and 5/3/23! In this episode, Joe and Matt wade neck deep into a pile comics featuring Green Arrow’s new series, Batman’s 135th (or maybe 900th) issue, the conclusion of Sins of Sinister, an Alien relaunch, and the return of Shazam! After that, they lay out their must-read new comic picks for next week. And finally, you’ll get a sneak peak of their Patreon Extra, Who The Hell Is This Guy: The Adam Warlock edition, hosted by the Official THN Comic Historian, Jason Sacks!

New Comic Book Reviews: 

Matt: Green Arrow #1 DC 2023

This Episode’s Soundtrack:

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#702 NEW COMIC REVIEWS: Batman #900, Sins of Sinister Dominion, Alien, Peacemaker & More!