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Crit for Brains: Gaming Webcomics!

At Crit For Brains, we love gaming. And we also love comics. And we’re willing to bet anyone reading this has spent a healthy amount of time playing games, reading comics and/or gaming in a store that has a rack of board games next to its shelves full of comic books. So you’re probably just as excited as we are when those two things are combined. There are a ton of webcomics out there, and a good amount of them are about games. We looked through our bookmarks and recommendations about the best gaming webcomics around picked these: The very best webcomics about gaming and RPGs. What are your favorites? Head to and let us know! Up to Four Players This is a new one, but it’s lovely. Four friends live in London next door to their favorite game shop. The art is spectacular, and its background story about the four Israeli characters living in London is heartwarming and entertaining. And then there’s the ostrich. (Trust us, it’s funny.) We love this comic about gaming nouns in particular. There’s a lot to love here for gamers as well as fandom (comics, movies, etc.) in general. d20 Monkey This hilarious and long-running comic from Brian Patterson is all about RPGs and the people who play them. It offers exciting adventure as well as stories about gamers as it alternates...

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Nerd at the Movies: 2015 (and Beyond) Box Office Predictions

Editor’s Note: A lot has changed in Hollywood since occasional love-slave Kevin Coffey turned in this piece, most notably the deal between Sony and Marvel Studios, and the reshuffling of Marvel’s Phase 3 dates. Don’t worry about it and just have fun… Sucked up in the hype. Cautiously optimistic. Dismissive: All responses to the age-old question: “Will that movie be any good?” As nerds, we are subjected to that query at least once a week. Sometimes we have an opinion based on our love of Tom Hiddleston, our hate of Zac Snyder or the time 14 years ago we read the trade paperback on which the movie is based. Sometimes, you don’t have an opinion at all. That’s why I’m here: From this year’s biggest films (Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars: The Force Awakens) to far off releases (Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Justice League), I’ve got the knowledge, and I made some predictions. Some will suck. Some will be great. Some will fail at the box office while still being good films. Read on and learn about the future… 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron Probably not as good as the hype it’s getting, but at heart it will be a solid and fun ride. Star Wars: The Force Awakens That worn-in look and feel combined with modern CGI and camera work will cause everyone to...

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Batman Forever: Parts 15-17

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Batman Forever is brought to you through cooperation with the Eisner Award-winning Legend Comics & Coffee in Omaha, NE. Check ’em out!] Batman Eternal #15 WHOK! Batwing and Jim Corrigan/The Spectre venture into Arkham. (Finally.) Robin and Harper prowl around seeking answers. Yet another new villain appears. The Riddler has escaped. Scarecrow is in peril. This issue dives deep into the supernatural aspects of this story, and I really dig that. Something messed up is happening underneath Gotham, and I personally think this is the thing that’s going to bring Batman down. It seems so much bigger than the Falcone/Penguin gang war. Also, supernatural element seem to be the only thing that were at play in Jim Gordon’s fate. On the whole, this was a fun issue that continues a few parts of the story. But there is some weirdness with this issue that highlights some of the problems with the series so far. No. 15 exemplifies the problems that I have with this series. (And they’re the kind of problems most weekly series run into.) – An issue after Lt. Bard and Batman have a bit of a verbal standoff (and it’s pretty clear Batman doesn’t like the shady officer), Batman more or less congratulates him and then shakes his hand. – A full NINE issues after we last saw Batwing and Corrigan, the finally venture...

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Batman Forever: Parts 10, 11, and 12

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Batman Forever is brought to you by the gracious cooperation of Legend Comics & Coffee in Omaha, NE. Check ’em out!] Welcome to an all-new, TRIPLE-SIZED Batman Forever! Just like in the old days, it’s at no extra cost to you, dear reader. Batman Eternal #10 EE-EYE-EE-EYE-OH! Catwoman is captured. Falcone is pissed. Bruce Wayne is curious. Stephanie Brown is on the run. Professor Pyg is out for revenge. Everyone has something they’re gunning for in this issue. While Falcone is taking his revenge on Catwoman, Pyg is seeking something else and raids the scene. Batman shows up just in time to mete out justice and save the day. The cops are still corrupt, but Lt. Bard is becoming my favorite character. He’s the only good guy in an organization full of questionable individuals. He’s like the perfect Jim Gordon replacement. (Wait a minute…) The most exciting part of this issue is, of course, the ending. Something is fishy with Falcone. Though he’s now the top dog of crime in Gotham right now, a few things he speaks about leads Bats and Catwoman to realize he may be taking orders (or at least suggestions) from a higher power. Who could it be? We have yet to find out, but there are some hints as well as a shadowy look at the big bad. This is one of...

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Batman Forever, Part Eight and Nine

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Batman Forever is brought to you by the gracious cooperation of Legend Comics & Coffee in Omaha, NE. Check ’em out!] Welcome to an all-new double-sized Batman Forever! Just like in the old days, it’s at no extra cost to you, dear reader. (Better than the $8.99 double-sized comics of today, amiright?) Batman Eternal #8 KREASSH! Batman is kicking a lot Falcone thugs in the face. The Batboat makes an appearance! (As I said it would.) We catch up (ever so briefly) with Stephanie Brown. The cops are so corrupt that even Harvey Bullock can’t stop criminals. And bye, bye Bat Signal. What an issue. Batman starts off by kicking the crap out of Falcone’s goons, except they’re not arrested because the GCPD is incredibly corrupt. This ends in a super-fun scene where they try to trap Batman and only succeed in getting their faces punched in. I think it’s only a matter of time before something bad happens to the new commissioner. It was a fun fight, and it’s nice to see a lot of Batman in a comic with his name on it. I did enjoy the Stephanie Brown pages, but it was basically just a rehash of what we already knew. Her part of this is a bit of a mystery, and I’m interested to see where it goes. I really enjoyed the look...

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