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Monday Morning Quarterback: Batman – Bad Blood

[EDITOR’S NOTE: A Monday morning quarterback is described as one who criticizes or passes judgment from a position of hindsight.  Welcome to the THN version!] For those of you who have read a couple of my past review’s of DC Animated “in-continuity” Batman films, I have been struggling to find reasons to keep watching and reviewing these movies. Outside of Batman: Assault on Arkham and Justice League: Gods and Monsters, both which were in separate universes, these Batman titles have been hyper violent and poorly voice acted. I was struggling to stay engaged and entertained with these series of films and this newest installment of Batman: Bad Blood was no different. To me, these films were once the brightest spots in the entire line of DC media. Therefore, instead of writing that same slog of a review, I wanted to offer a solution. Here are the rules: Keep in continuity the story telling. Work within the basic story line that they film makers tried to convey. So here is the story that I wish Batman: Bad Blood had told… Batman has gone missing. Damien knows that even he cannot stand up to his mother who is surely behind Batman’s disappearance. He must seek out Gotham’s best if he hopes to see his father again. We set this movie into smaller vignettes similar to Green Lantern: Emerald Nights. Nightwing- Damien...

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Between the Balloons: Darick Robertson

Darick Robertson is an industry giant and has been working in the comics industry for 30 years.  He is best known for his work on Transmetropolitan, The Boys, and The Punisher.  This past fall we met at Cincy ComicCon and were able to connect to talk about his career, cons in general, and what he is working on now. Ryan Mount:  How was your experience at Cincy ComicCon? I’m originally from the east coast and I really enjoy Cincy ComicCon because it is a creator and comic fan focused show. Darick Robertson:  I really enjoyed my time in Cincinnati. Con organizer/owner and old friend Tony Moore and his fantastic wife Kara were wonderful hosts! The show was well attended and well organized. It was refreshing to see comic artists and writers were the focus of the guest list as so many ‘comic’ cons don’t even put comic art or creators on their posters anymore. They are all about Sci-Fi actors that play characters as those faces are recognizable and a big draw for the average fan. Sad really, as comics are where it all started and even now the name “ComicCon” is almost ironic, as comics and their creators are relatively anonymous. RM: You have had a long, prolific  career, working for many comic publishers including Marvel, Image, DC, Dynamite, and many more.  What do you think has attributed to your success...

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THN Road Trip: Nashville Edition!

Nerd on the Road! Quick Intro: May turned into a busy travel month for me. Anytime I am visiting another town, I like to stop in to a local comic shop and spend a couple dollars. Yelp is pretty useless when it comes to reviewing comic places and thought I would share my road diary and reviews of comic shops in case you are visiting! Trip Date: May 15 – May 17 Destination: Nashville, TN First Stop: Rick’s Comic City Rick’s was a very “standard” comic book shop. It was the only store that really came up as a true comic shop.   It had a pretty great selection of new books, but that was about it. Their “back issue bins” were mainly filled with DC’s New 52 DC and Marvel Now! I brought someone who was a long time lapsed comic reader into the shop and he left empty handed. Largely because I went looking to give him a couple trades to re-spark his interest, but they were missing a lot of entry way books. I could not find any Afterlife with Archie or GI Joe and the Ed Brubaker with Sean Phillips section was a bit sparse as well. I spent over an hour in the store and I ended up purchasing a premiere format issue of the New Mutants. I felt bad after spending so much time...

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Nerds On Film: Batman Vs. Robin

Review: Batman VS. Robin Runtime: 120 Minutes This is the animated adaptation of Scott Snyder’s “The Court of Owls” storyline that ran through most of the first year of the New 52 Batman. For those following along, this story picks up after the events of 2014’s Son of Batman. There were a lot of great elements that shined through for this latest installment of DC’s animated features.  The Bat-Family dynamic was on full display in this feature.  The moment that Bruce puts down being Batman for the night and shifts his priority to showing Damien a classic movie, served as a reminder for cornerstone of Snyder’s storyline.  It really gave the whole film some sentiment.  We even got a couple brief glances of the relationship between Dick Grayson and Damien Wayne.  The film also got to shine some light on Alfred.  His dialogue was quick witted and when he came barreling into the cave wielding a shotgun, the fan in me jumped with delight. DC has also been known for the excellent voice direction in their films, but it’s become a bit more inconsistent lately.  This film seemed to get a lot more right than wrong.  You have series staples, and can do no wrong with Troy Baker, who comes into this corner of the universe as an Owl Lieutenant.  Jeremy Sisto does an incredible, take-notice job as the voice...

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Replacing the “Big Three”

Who would be your “Big Three”? While listening to Joe and Matt on the Two Headed Nerd Answer of the Week podcast, they mentioned Thundarr the Barbarian. They chalked the reason that the series worked so well up to the idea that each character represented one aspect the hero’s journey: intelligence, brute (force), and animal (instinct). I connected the dots between those three characteristics and DC’s “Big Three” (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman). To me, Batman represents the intelligence. He’s the master detective and strategist. Superman represents the animal. Deep down, instincts are what make an animal an animal. And deep down, we all love that Superman, deep down, is the best of human kind – its instinctive capacity for good and compassion. We see that time and time again in all the best Superman stories. Wonder Woman is the brute or, as I prefer to call her, the force. Superman and Batman always comment on Diana’s strength in one way or another, be it her courage or actual physical prowess. I was inspired to dive deeper into this theory. If you extend the idea to DC’s villains, you see that each hero’s opposite makes for the best villain. Like Superman, Joker is the animal, but represents the darkness of which humans are capable. Lex Luthor represents intelligence, making him the perfect villain for Superman’s instinctive do-gooder. The clash...

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