The Manhattan Projects #6 (Image Comics):
It’s not weird that I squeal with delight on every issue of this book that I read right? This issue was no exception. Nick Pittara’s art is stunning to say the least, Hickman is the master of science fiction, Jordi Bellaire’s colors round this book out so fantastically. it is a comic everyone one should be reading.
Rating: BUY IT

The Creep #1 (Dark horse):
If you didn’t read The Creep #0 last month you should so you know where the story is coming from in this “#1” issue. You can jump on at this #1 issue and do just fine though. This story is compelling, even after 2 issues you feel for the characters and the main protagonist. The main character is complex, his condition and his life being reflected back to him in the lives of others is fascinating. Jonathan Case on art makes this book all the better.
Rating: BUY IT

Punk Rock Jesus #3 (Vertigo):
There is so much packed into every issue of this series, it’s a feast for the mind. This issue really gets to the meat of the story. Its intense, heart breaking and a fantastic read.
Rating: BUY IT

Rocketeer Cargo Of Doom #2 (IDW):
Waid writing, Samnee Penciling, Bellaire coloring. Perfect book? Perfect book. It’s the rocketeer as he should be. This is so much fun to read so read it!
Rating: BUY IT

Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories #2 (Dark Horse):
I am a big fan of Michael Avon Oeming’s art. I want to say that first and foremost. The first issue of this series I found to be problematic and hard to read, mostly because of bad dialogue & obviously arc types. This issue didn’t do much to assuage those fears. Check it out in the store, but if it doesn’t grab you and suck you in (it won’t), move on.
Rating: SKIM IT

Conan #8 (Dark horse):
The art change on this issue is jarring to say the least. While the coloring and story remain solid, the art is simply wrong for this book. If you haven’t been reading this, don’t start here, if you have been reading it, look it over before you buy.
Rating: SKIM IT

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