Good Morning, Listenerds!

You may have noticed that we are battling some ongoing technical issues with our iTunes feed. The new episodes may not download properly and our old episodes aren’t listed in the feed at all! Rest assured, we are working to fix the feed as soon as possible!

For those having trouble downloading the current episode through iTunes: unsubscribe from the THN feed currently listed in your iTunes library, then RE-subscribe from the THN page in the iTunes store. That will connect you to our new feed, and you should be able to download the new episode right away!

While we address these technical hiccups, you can download our ENTIRE episode back-catalog directly from this site by clicking the EPISODES button at the top of the page (or click HERE). You can also subscribe to THN and get all of our new content delivered directly to your inbox! Simply enter your e-mail address in the subscription form found in the right sidebar on the site and click SUBSCRIBE!

Thankfully, we can chalk all of this up to growing pains caused by our transition from a podcast-only site to a multimedia empire with FABULOUS WRITTEN CONTENT! As always, we appreciate your continued support. We’d be talking to ourselves if it wasn’t for all of you.

Until next time, True Believers, this is the Two-Headed Nerd…signing off.